The Ultimate Guide to Massachusetts Solar Incentives and Rebates and How Mango Power Can Help

The world is quickly evolving and people are now looking toward innovative technologies - with renewable energy solutions being at the forefront. As the cost of solar power continues to decrease, people are becoming more aware of the carbon footprint they leave behind. The environmental benefits alone are enough reason, however, many states across the US offer financial benefits as well for switching to clean energy.

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Solar energy has always been one of the most approachable clean energy sources for most people. This is because the sun is an unlimited resource which makes it the perfect energy reserve. Making the transition to solar power can still be difficult though which is why the state of Massachusetts offers numerous solar incentives and credits to help ease more people into choosing renewable solar energy.  

Massachusetts is found in the New England region of the US which is known to have quite cold winters. A common misconception that people have is that solar power is less effective in colder areas. This is not true, of course, as solar-powered generators and equipment rely on the sun’s rays, which do find their way to us regardless of the weather. Solar power is the ideal choice - even in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Solar Rebates and Incentives

The US has created a set of solar incentives to reward people who choose to make use of renewable energy solutions. Currently, there is only 1 Federal Tax Credit - or ITC - available to homeowners and businesses that install solar PV energy systems.

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has a comprehensive guide to making good use of the solar federal tax credit. According to the department, solar PV systems installed in 2020 and 2021 are eligible for a 26% tax credit. 

However, starting on the first of January 2023, the credit has been reduced to 22%  and is expected to be removed entirely by the end of 2023.

For the state of Massachusetts, several incentives and rebates still exist that will compensate you for choosing renewable energy:

Massachusetts' SMART program

Massachusetts SMART program ensures that utility companies pay homeowners for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar power produced by their solar panel system. The rate is between US$ 0.19 and US$ 0.31 per kilowatt-hour - depending on your location and electricity provider.

Once an application is approved by the Solar Program Administrator and the Department of Energy Resources (DOER), the credit is paid directly to the system owner. To be eligible for the program, you have to be a customer of one of the three investor-owned utility companies in Massachusetts which are Eversource, National Grid, or Unitil.

Residential Energy Credit

This is the main tax credit available in the state. The Residential Energy Credit allows residential property owners or tenants in the commonwealth to be eligible for a 15% state tax credit on purchased residential solar systems. The person should also not be dependent on another taxpayer and needs to occupy the property as their primary residence. Additionally, the credit amount claimed in one year should not exceed the taxpayer’s income tax liability for that taxable year.

Property Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Systems

While installing solar panel systems increases property value, the state of Massachusetts exempts residents from paying property tax for this added value for 20 years. Components of the energy system that serve dual purposes are not eligible for the exemption.

Home Solar Project Sales Tax Exemption

The Home Solar Project Sales Tax Exemption gives Massachusetts residents a 6.25% savings on eligible purchases of “equipment related directly to any solar system.” 

This exemption includes any equipment directly related to any solar, wind-powered, or heat pump system used as a primary or auxiliary power source for a primary property. 


Massachusetts allows customers to offset their energy use and transfer energy back to their electric companies in exchange for a credit. Net-metering programs allow solar system owners to sell excess energy to their electric company for utility bill credits. In the state of Massachusetts, utility companies Eversource and National Grid are both proponents of net metering. 

Which Solar System Is Right for Your Home?

Trying to find the right solar system for you can be tricky. It’s important to run through a list of factors before deciding to install a home solar energy system. Forbes Home has drafted up a handy list of factors to consider:

Local Regulations

Naturally, the first thing you have to do is check with your Homeowners Association and local authorities to ensure that solar panels are permitted to be installed in your area and on your property.

Types of Solar Panels Available

Solar panels come in a variety of forms these days. Ensure that you do some research into the kind of solar panels available in your area that suit your needs best. Mango Power provides Solar Panels that are built with ETFE Solar Cell Lamination higher than most conventional solar panels and features magnetic pads for convenient transportation.

The Age and Condition of Your Roof

Solar panels need to be installed on stable and functional roofs. Installing new solar panels on an old roof could lead to property damage or personal injury and will cause problems if replacements need to be made in the future.

Orientation and Slope of Your Roof

Be considerate of the angle at which your roof slopes. According to the Department of Energy, solar panels function the best on south-facing roofs with a slope between 15 and 40 degrees. 

Financing Options

Ensure that you have the money available to install your solar system. The state of Massachusetts offers eligible low-income homeowners the opportunity to put up solar power systems through its Mass Solar Loan Program. Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with the multiple incentives and rebates at your disposal.  

Leasing or Buying Solar Panels

Some homeowners are reluctant to choose between buying solar panels or simply renting them out. Choose between investing in solar power equipment yourself or making use of a third-party owner while you still reap the benefits of reduced utility costs. 

5 Benefits of Home Solar Power In Massachusetts

1.Solar Savings Driven by Federal and State Incentives

As mentioned above, there are multiple state-funded incentives and rebates available in the state of Massachusetts that will reward you for choosing to switch to renewable energy. 

2.An Increase in Your Home’s Value

In Massachusetts, solar panels can easily increase the value of your property by up to 3%. This is also dependent on the size of your solar power system and the exact location of your home. 

3.Reduction of Monthly Energy Expenses

The great thing about solar power is that it will eventually pay for itself with each use. Utility bills are skyrocketing and you can drastically cut down on energy expenses by making the switch to a home solar power system. The number of incentives and rebates available in the Massachusetts area also makes the move to solar a great financial decision.   

Increased Energy Flexibility with Solar Battery Storage

Solar-powered homes have better flexibility by not being tied to a grid for their energy needs. The solar energy stored can also help keep your home powered up during blackouts or heavy storms that disrupt the power supply. Energy independence also means you get to take your power wherever you go if you invest in portable solar energy solutions. 

Preparing for the Future While Lowering Energy Costs

Solar energy is the way to go for a sustainable future free of destructive fossil fuels. Your solar power system will help keep the environment safe and provides an example for future generations to rely on clean energy resources. Solar incentives ensure that you can enjoy the feeling of doing the right thing while still saving money on the side.  

The Mango Power Solar Generator: A Perfect Fit for Massachusetts

Mango Power has a mission to bring intelligent and renewable energy products into every home - helping every family realize a zero-carbon emission future. Our range of solar generators and equipment fit the eligibility of Massachusetts solar incentive and rebate programs. We are delighted to serve you in creating a better future.

mango power solar geneator

Mango Power offers a comprehensive and sustainable solution for all the solar power backup needs in your home. The Mango Power E is easily our most impressive portable solar generator. 

 Mango Power E Key Features and Specifications

mango power e

  • The Mango Power E has an impressive 3.5 kWh battery capacity. This can also easily be expanded up to a 14kWh capacity with additional units.
  • The output power ranges between 3000 and 6000W.
  • The device features multiple charging methods. Easily and quickly charging up to 100% in only 1,5 hours through any of the numerous EV charging stations found around the country, through grid charging, through efficient solar panel charging, and charging through a generator.
  • Can be connected to cater to a 240v split phase for heavy-duty appliances.
  • Makes use of ultra-durable LFP battery cells that charge faster, last longer, and are more reliable than other traditional NCA/NCM battery cells.
  • Features 16 different output ports and 6 different types of outlets.
  • A 5-year service life.

Benefits of Using the Mango Power E Solar Generator

Mango Power features an extraordinary range of renewable energy solutions that will ensure that you stay eligible for a tax credit, solar incentive, or rebate in almost every state. The Mango Power E does all this while still providing many other advantages for users:

Portable And Easy To Use

The sleek and portable design of the Mango Power E allows you to take your solar energy anywhere you need to go. Enjoy an array of outdoor activities and easily keep your devices and appliances charged and functional wherever you are. The device is also simple to use and even features a convenient Mango Power app that lets you customize your device’s settings from anywhere. 

Provides Effective Emergency Backup Power

Say goodbye to power cuts with the Mango Power E and ensure seamless power even in the event of a blackout. The solar generator immediately kicks in and lets you and your loved ones continue enjoying life without interruption. Keep the lights on, devices charging, and your home warm and safe - no grid cuts will affect you with the Mango Power E in your home. 

Cost Efficient and Environmentally Friendly 

The Mango Power E helps you save on utility bills and growing fuel prices. Switching to solar saves your money and is the definition of a great long-term investment. Naturally, the Mango Power E solar generator is also kind to the planet – the device provides a 0.79 kg reduction in carbon emissions with every recharge. That’s equivalent to the amount of carbon captured by 48 trees in a day.

Appreciate the full range of benefits of solar energy solutions with Mango Power while saving money and the planet. 

Choose Mango Power Today

The state of Massachusetts encourages its residents to make smart choices and choose renewable energy. The number of incentives and rebates available makes that decision so much easier. The processes and applications are easy to follow and simple to understand for anyone looking to make a lucrative investment in renewable power for their home. 

mango power home backup battery

 Mango Power is your one-stop solution for superior solar-powered generators and equipment. Maintain your home backup power supply with Mango Power for efficient products that are catered to save you money, keep your home powered up, and protect the environment. 

For more information on Mango Power products and our commitment to a better world, visit

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