Take a Hike: Keep Your Outdoor Activities Going with Mango Power

As the weather starts to get warmer, you’ll want to dust off those camping tents and hiking boots for an array of outdoor activities. Getting away from the bustle of the city and reconnecting with nature is the ideal adventure for you and your loved ones. However, it’s important to always go prepared as best as you can. 


While the idea of sunshine, greenery, and good times is enough to make you want to bundle the kids into the car and just get going, it’s crucial to go into your outdoor adventure with reliable equipment and a solid solution if things go wrong. While going camping might seem like the perfect time to go off-grid completely, the reality is that we still need power for a lot more than wasting time on social media.

Outdoor Adventures Need Reliable Power

Whether you’re pitching tents in the forest or RVing across the country – you will need power at some point. A power outage is inconvenient for anyone but when you’re stranded in the middle of your outdoor adventure, keeping a steady supply of power is essential. A portable power station goes the extra mile for this and is lightweight enough to be easily added to the guest list for your vacation. 


Solar generators are usually the best option for your outdoor needs. While attaching solar panels to the roof of your RV or vehicle is usually a good way to go, you could also invest in smaller portable solar panels and power banks to keep on you.

Hiking or Camping

When you’re outdoors, it’s good to be disconnected to fully immerse yourself in nature, however, there are potential risks when hiking or camping when you run out of power. A steady power supply is useful for many reasons on camping or hiking trips:

  • Longer hiking trails and camping trips require a good sense of direction which means having a functional and fully charged GPS on hand.
  • Most trails also tend to move through remote areas with almost no people around for miles – keeping a fully charged cell phone in case of emergencies on the trail could potentially save your life.
  • Food can be easily warmed up or cooked – especially if you’ve just caught a good catch while fishing. 
  • Water supply might run low in certain areas and being able to boil water on a stove to rid it of germs can protect you from diseases.
  • Hiking trips and camping can get very hot and the power supply will ensure that your portable fan keeps you cool. 
  • Recharging other smaller items also leads to a much better and more fulfilling trip. These ensure safety and convenience and include rechargeable flashlights, appliances, laptops, electric blankets, and more. 

RV Adventures

Some people prefer the road to the camping trials and opt for an RV outdoor adventure instead. While most RVs do come equipped with an existing power supply these days, it’s unrealistic to expect your RV to do all the heavy lifting while also needing to get you from point A to point B. A portable power station ensures a backup supply of energy on your road trip and can keep all your appliances running to take the strain off the RV.


  • While we do trust your gut instinct to know the way, a charged GPS in the RV will make things a lot easier.
  • Charging your cell phones, laptops, and other gadgets will keep you connected in the event of an emergency on the road.
  • RV stops are perfect for an impromptu movie night with a projector or just your regular laptop – all powered up by your portable energy supplier.
  • Keep your appliances running on the portable power system to conserve and supplement your RV’s energy.


The sun is shining and the day is great for a picnic outside. Lay down the blankets, get the snacks, and try to relax. However, to make sure you can relax, take the portable power station with you and say goodbye to all your worries. 

  • Easily keep all the drinks cool in a mini fridge or warm up the food for the kids in a few minutes with a portable stove. 
  • Play your favorite music uninterrupted from your fully charged portable speaker.
  • Keep your phones charged in the event of an emergency.
  • Keep the kids entertained with a movie or game on your laptop.
  • All your handy gadgets can stay fully charged and ready to be used at any time.
  • Solar generators are also a lot quieter and don’t emit smoke or terrible smells so your outdoor adventure can remain peaceful and serene. 

 We all love a good outdoor escapade and now it is so much easier with a solar portable generator to keep you and your loved ones safe, satisfied, and comfortable. All that’s left to do now is choose the right portable power solution for your needs – but we’ve taken care of that as well.

The Mango Power E is the Ultimate Outdoor Power Solution

The Mango Power E solar generator offers home backup energy in a sleek and convenient portable power solution. The device boasts an impressive 3.5 kWh capacity and has a 3000W maximum output. Ideal to power all your outdoor appliances, it even expands to a 14kWh capacity. 

mango power e outdoor

The power solar generator uses the ultra-durable CATL LFP battery cells for ideal home backup solutions, emergencies, RV usage, and just to keep off the grid. Some of the key features of the Mango Power E include:

Easy Customization for Different Uses

A single Mango Power E device can add a Mango Power E Battery to expand to 7.06kWh extra battery capacity with a 3000W output. Additionally, 2 Mango Power E devices can be connected with an E-Link cable to easily expand to a 14kWh capacity and 6000W output.

240V Split-Phase for Heavy-Duty Appliances

Using the mSocket Pro accessory, the Mango Power E device can become a high-powered split-phase generator that’s capable of delivering a 240V output. This allows you to easily run large, power-consuming appliances such as heaters, dryers, water pumps, and more.

Ultra-Durable CATL LFP Battery Cells

The CATL lithium iron phosphate batteries used by the Mango Power E are much safer and more reliable than other batteries. The CATL's unique self-healing technology allows its batteries to run for more cycles - charging, discharging, and recharging several more times. The batteries also ensure long-lasting and reliable performance.

Rapid Charging

Another feature of the ultra-durable CATL LFP battery cell technology is that it allows for faster charging - reaching up to 80% in just 1 hour and a full charge in 1,5 hours. 

Multiple Charging Methods

Easily charge the Mango Power E using several different methods - including 

  • 2000W maximum solar charging
  • 3000W maximum grid charging
  • 3000W maximum generator charging
  • Or 2000W maximum EV station charging

Charge the Mango Power E at home, at any of the thousands of EV stations around the world, or go green by hooking it up to some solar panels for cleaner charging.

Feedback From Mango Power Customers

While we know the value of the Mango Power E, we also know that it’s better to get tried and tested reviews from people who have used our products. This is why we’ve put together some feedback that we’ve received from customers who have made the smart choice to switch to Mango Power.

mango power review
  1. Happy to report that I Have Received the Mango Power E

I am happy to report that I have received the Mango Power E and that the solar panels are scheduled to arrive on Monday. Despite the shipping issues - which were understandable since we are full-time RVers and our shipping and billing addresses are separate -  I am very excited to have the base unit. I am looking forward to seeing how we can improve our off-grid living experiences with your product. Thus far, it is functioning impressively. An unboxing video, along with a thorough product review will follow once I have received the panels and had some time to test them out. Thank you for developing what appears to be an excellent product and a game changer for efficient living off the grid, even in larger rigs! 

- John P Flatley

  1. My Mango Just Basically Became Useful Today

All the drama and newness aside, my Mango Power E just basically became useful today. I had been interested in how well it would support the loads from my small camper, so instead of hauling the power cord to an outlet, I wheeled out the Mango Power E and plugged it in. I had some work to do inside getting things ready for winter and it was a hot day so on went the two most important things - the TV and the climate control. It was great not having to worry about a 15A circuit in the garage popping under the occasional starting load of the AC. Before I got into work, I couldn't help myself doing a bit of testing by having a look at power loads and the estimated Mango life under them. I finished my work, used about 5% or 6% of the Mango Power E's stored energy, and life was good. I can't wait to take this camping with me. Another one of the tasks that I had planned for it, performed flawlessly.

- Chris Zazzara

mango power e review

  1. I’ve Seen What Makes Me Think It’s A Pretty Decent Unit While Charging Out In The Full Sun In The Desert

Now it comes down to the batteries that power this device, it’s equipped with lithium-ion phosphate battery cells made by CATLL which is one of the big reasons [it performs so well]. I’m a big fan of lithium-ion phosphate batteries when it comes down to a longer cycle life - and this device is no exception.

- Brittany Nelson

The Value of a Reliable Power Source for the Outdoors

The outdoors can be a wonderful place to unwind, detach, and give yourself a much-needed break. That’s why you should equip yourself with solutions that will ensure that peace of mind. While the charm of nature can be alluring, the dangers of being caught in a remote area without any power are too vast to risk it. Keep your family safe when you choose an outdoor adventure and choose the Mango Power E solar generator to ensure a reliable, steady, and high-performance energy backup solution to meet all your needs.

The Mango Power E is also the best sustainable solution – giving back to the same outdoors you’re out enjoying. The device provides a 0.79 kg reduction in carbon emissions with every recharge – which is equivalent to the amount of carbon captured by 48 trees in a day. 

Learn more about the Mango Power range and the efficient, clean portable power solutions we offer at our website mangopower.com.  

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