Why Mango Power?

Mango Power Union – the ultimate breakthrough in power storage with a 2-in-1, extendable solution.This combination of portability, heavy-duty power delivery, and ease of use make the Mango Power Union significantly different from any other modular portable power station currently on the market.

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Mango Power Union

Mango Power Union is the world’s first integrated portable and home battery system designed to meet users’ power needs whether inside or outside the home.
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Mango Power Union

There are three things that have made Mango Power Union the most awaited product of the year for the home energy industry: It’s a two-in-one solution. The world’s-first built-in dual PV inverter, which promises some of the fastest charging speeds in the market, either through AC wall outlets or solar panels
  • 120V/30A RV outlet
  • 12V/10A car power output
  • 40A AC backup outlet
  • 4*120V/20A output
  • 6*USB-A
  • 2*DC5521 outputs
  • 2*USB-C
  • 2*wireless charging pads

    Mango Power Forest Plan

    The Mango Power Forest Plan is part of our commitment to empowering your goal of living green. For every 48kWh of solar power that flows through your Mango Power Union, we will plant one tree in a US National Park with the help of our NGO partner. This is the fulfillment of Mango Power’s mission to help you live green.

    The Mango Power Team

    The Mango Power team is led by a passionate team of senior product managers and talented engineers with years of experience in the industry. Before founding Mango Power, they used to lead teams at Emerson, Huawei and many other well known tech companies.
    In 2021, Mango Power exhibited the world’s first 2-in-1 Power Station at ees Europe 2021 | Messe München. The ees Europe battery fair is the continent’s largest exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems, showing stationary battery systems and solutions for the hydrogen economy.