How to Weather the Storm and Keep Warm During a Power Outage

Nikola Tesla defined the ultimate purpose of invention as “the harnessing of humannature to human needs.” As a pioneer of electric conduction, his words ring trueeven in the modern age where cities light up enough to rival a starry night sky.Electricity is a basic human need and it is within our collective interests to protectand use it wisely, however, what happens when we are denied that need?

Power outages have become increasingly frequent with bad weather conditions andincreased  pressure  on   power  grids  –  a  fact  that  unfortunately   does  have direconsequences. We delve into the ways you can prepare and keep yourself and yourfamily safe and warm during a power outage during the stormy season.

Powerless Conditions

While many might think of a power outage as a simple inconvenience, the truth is farmore   disparaging.   A   power   outage   leads   to   an   alarming   disruption   of   criticalresources - such as water supply, heating, and most services available to the public.Worsening weather conditions have done nothing but exacerbate the situation.

In December of last year, a massive winter storm hit North America and ravaged thecontinent - killing at least 60 people in eight states according to the BBC. While thistragedy alone was haunting, the aftermath of the storm left many householdswithout electricity for days, with more than 70,000 people having no power inWashington and Oregon.

The National Post also reported that Canada also shared the brunt of power cuts inDecember due to extreme weather conditions when thousands were left withoutelectricity in Quebec and Ontario - shutting down critical bridges and roads in MetroVancouver due to heavy snowfall, rain, ice, and strong winds.

The publication goes on to reaffirm Peter Kimbell, a meteorologist at EnvironmentCanada, who reasoned that the main concern after the storm quickly became therapidly plunging temperatures.

As we can see, the sudden drop in temperatures after a power outage can have fatalrepercussions in stormy weather. While many people look forward to spending thewinter seasons warm and toasty indoors, a power cut after a storm can leavehouseholds vulnerable to extreme cold and severely inaccessible amenities. Thereare ways that people can mitigate these conditions, however, and try to make thebest out of the unfortunate circumstances of a blackout.

No Power Inside? Just Go Outside

While thousands all over the world have to eventually deal with the inconvenienceof a power outage at some point, it becomes imperative to know exactly where youcan go in the event of a blackout to avoid getting stuck in the dark alone.

Visiting friends or family

It may seem slightly redundant - especially if everyone is experiencing ablackout - but misery shared is still misery halved. Try to make your way tothe house of a friend or family member and wait out the power outagetogether.   Staying   close   to   loved   ones   boosts   your   morale,   keeps   youdistracted, and ensures that you are surrounded by people in the event of anemergency. 

 Community Centers or Libraries

Most towns will have a central community location that you can easily accessin the event of a power outage. These areas should have backup resourcesand supplies that will ease the discomfort of a cold and dark winter night.Libraries are also a great way to remain productive – reading books or makinguse of any internet services they may have available. These locations are alsogreat for getting updates on the power supply and staying informed on anydevelopments in your area.

Restaurants or Malls

Most major shopping centers and restaurants would have invested in large-scale generators to ensure business continuity in the event of a poweroutage. Take the family out for a nice, warm, and well-lit supper or simplystock up on necessities at the store in case the power outage goes on forlonger than expected.

These are all viable options for people who don’t want to stay cooped up inside thehouse during a blackout, but with the colder season here, you might not want to riskbeing caught outside in the cold – especially with kids.   

Stay Warm While Staying Inside

Power cuts are troublesome and tedious – more so during the winter season whenthe cold becomes almost unbearable and quite unsafe. Here are a few tips that youcan use to keep yourself and your loved ones warm during a power outage:

Close Off Windows and Doors

Try to keep the cold from coming into the house by sealing off your doors andwindows. It might seem like a basic instruction, but leaving your windowsopen for a bit of air drastically decreases the warmth in your home for thosecolder nights without any power. Insulate your home further by covering upwindows and doors with blankets to ensure better heat retention.

Layering clothing

Another seemingly simple but effective guideline. Try to layer up when you’redressing and make sure that your chest stays covered to keep your body’score temperature stable – especially for children who might not want to stayswaddled in blankets for hours. Use thick socks, scarves, and hot waterbottles where you can. 

Light a Fire

Some people might not have access to a fireplace, but if you do, try to keep afire going in the house. This will help in keeping the heat inside while alsoproviding light. Remember to be careful when handling the fire and to ensurethat no children are left unsupervised near it. It’s also important to ensurethat fires are not lit near any gas or electric devices as it may cause anexplosion. 

Try to Stay Close

During a power outage, it’s useful for all members of the household toremain in one room until the electricity comes back. This increases thetemperature of that room and also ensures that everyone is in safe proximityin case of an emergency. Try to choose a room that is central and has thefewest windows. Naturally, body heat will also help to keep you warm sodon’t be afraid to cuddle up once the lights are out.

Use the Mango Power E Generator

All these tips are great and effective, but you can easily avoid needing any ofthese with the use of the  Mango Power E generator. The Mango Power Ecombines comfort and convenience with efficiency and energy – ensuringthat your home never has to suffer through the pitfalls of a power outageagain. Providing a portable and safe power solution that will keep your lightson and guarantee that you and your family stay warm.

mango power home battery backup

Staying warm is one of the main concerns when it comes to a power outage duringwinter months and it’s imperative to ready your home for the eventuality of gridfailure or weather conditions that cause a blackout.

Being Prepared for a Power Outage

While there’s not much that an average person can do to avoid a massive power gridoutage, there are ways that you can ensure that your home is prepared for one.Certain safety and precautionary steps were highlighted by the Red Cross on how toarrange your surroundings in the event of a blackout:

1.Be Alert

Firstly, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings. Pay attentionto weather forecasts and patterns around your area, join community groups,and sign up for alert systems or apps that will warn you in the event of anynatural disasters or expected grid malfunctions.

2.Secure Your Home

While a power outage is a bother to most people, it also presents itself as anopportunity   for   criminals.   Ensure   that   your   home’s   security   system   isequipped to handle a power outage, keep doors and windows firmly locked,and ensure that you have the means to contact authorities or emergencyservices if necessary.

3.Stock Up On Supplies

Naturally, we do not mean you have to panic buy and start building a nuclearbunker in the basement but stocking up on essential items will go a long wayduring an outage. Power cuts – especially  those linked  to bad weatherconditions - tend to have a domino effect on services by affecting roads,water provisions, supply chains and so much more. Keep a stock of cleanwater, batteries, non-perishable food items, medication, flashlights, gas, andan emergency medical kit on standby.

4.Plan ahead

Try to keep your phones, laptops, and devices charged at all times and createa support network within your community. This will help you in contactingpeople who may have resources to help you stay inside or plan an evacuationif   need   be  -  keep   this   list   of   important   contacts   close  by   at   all  times.Remember that planning ahead also includes planning for when the powerdoes return – ensure that your power outlets have proper surge protection,or simply unplug all your appliances and devices until the power returns toprotect them from being damaged during a power surge. 

5.The Mango Power E Solution

While you could plan to survive a power outage with all these instructions,Mango Power has a much easier solution for all your power outage woes. TheMango Power E device can generate a 3.5 kWh to 14 kWh power capacity witha  3000W   to   6000W   AC   power   output   for   all  your  essential  appliances.Additionally, connect two Mango Power E devices and harness a 240V splitphase for your heavy-duty appliances and easily expand your power output.

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The Mango Power is reliable and safe – with a portable attachment thatmakes it perfect for the outdoors as well. Gone are the days when generatorswere too difficult to use and recharge because the Mango Power E offers youup to 3 recharging options and a simple interface to operate it. Just connectthe device to an outlet for grid charging, visit a conveniently found EVcharging station, or make use of the energy-saving solar panel chargingfeatures – all to recharge fully in just 1,5 hours.

Easily meet 99% of your energy backup needs during the next power outage with theMango Power E.

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