Green Comfort This Winter: Choose the Mango Power Solar Generator to Keep Warm

Energy is what makes the world go around. We find and need energy in every facet of our existence – however, the harnessing of energy has always been an issue. Energy resources have always been a hot topic of debate for lawmakers and communities at large. The fossil fuels we rely on daily have a limited and expensive lifespan and the hunt for renewable energy had proven tedious at most. 

As the days grow colder and power outages seem a lot more frequent, more people look towards finding alternative options for energy resources that are off the grid. This is where solar power comes to the rescue. Solar power involves the conversion of energy from the sun into electricity through the use of solar panels. These panels absorb the sun’s rays through a photovoltaic process to store the energy for use at a later time. In this same way, a portable solar generator will use the sun’s energy to keep your home powered up and warm on winter nights. Let’s explore exactly how a solar-powered generator can do that.

Solar Power Is the Way Forward

An energy analyst wrote in a US publication that “we are heading towards an electricity famine,” citing that energy resources are dwindling or simply becoming too expensive to maintain. There’s no denying that we are deep within the trenches of a global energy crisis and solutions to find a way out are getting alarmingly difficult to find. Within government sectors, it may be an issue wrapped in yellow legislative tape but for the common person, the renewable energy solution is easily a switch to solar power.

The sun is a basic power source for the entire planet – plants, humans, and animals alike all use the energy from the sun in some way. Solar generators are a great way to make use of this unlimited and efficient resource for all your power needs. Unlike fossil fuels that release harmful emissions, destroy the environment, and are very expensive and difficult to procure, solar power provides lasting, clean energy with almost no downside. 

Portable solar generators are especially handy due to their movability – making them perfect to take wherever you go. The solar power solution has long been applauded as a breakthrough for renewable resource consumption, but colder climates might make people a bit more skeptical when investing in solar energy.

Do Solar Panels Even Work in Winter?

When winter comes around, the sun seems more like a stranger due to the tilting of the Earth’s axis. Rays from the sun tend to hit the Earth at a shallow angle, making them spread out and minimizing the amount of energy that hits any given spot. Due to this phenomenon, maybe people might be hesitant to make the switch to solar power during the winter periods – however, this is just a widespread misconception. 

Mango power solar genneator

RenewableEnergyMagazine confirmed that temperatures do not play a large role in the solar panel’s overall performance and that the cold might work in favor of the solar panels. The reasoning behind this is that solar panels are just like any other electrical device and will work better in colder conditions - consider the way your computer works more efficiently with a cooling fan.

While snowfall might still be a bit of a hassle due to it covering up the surface of the solar panels, the angled design of most solar panels on the market will ensure that snow falls off easily and will not disrupt solar energy conversion. 

Wintertime is the perfect time to invest in a portable solar generator so that you don’t have to worry about being reliant on the grid in times of fluctuating weather and power outages. This informative article also details more ways for you and your family to keep warm during the winter months.

mango power solar geneator

Solar generators are one of the leading alternatives to on-grid electricity in the cold months ahead and choosing this renewable resource has numerous advantages. 

Benefits of Using a Solar Generator 

Change can be difficult and investing in a new energy source can be even more so. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of listing some of the benefits of making the move to a solar-powered generator for your home:

Unlimited Energy 

As mentioned before, the sun is and always has been one of the greatest energy sources for life since the beginning of time. The main reason for this is because of its unlimited energy supply. The sun’s rays can be accessed from anywhere around the planet and cannot suffer from power cuts or rising tariffs. Solar generators will always be able to function – even in overcast or cold conditions. 

Cost Efficiency 

While most people shy away from renewable resources because of the assumption that it’s too pricey, the comparison to fuel and electric bills would hardly stand up in court. Solar panels have the advantage of reducing utility bills exponentially and help you to avoid the rising energy costs of fossil fuels. 

Additionally, the winter months may be the ideal time to invest in a solar energy resource such as a solar-powered generator due to the very misconception that makes people unsure about buying them during colder seasons. The demand for solar power generators goes down rapidly as people assume they won’t be of much use, which makes them much cheaper on the market. 

Increases Property Value

This is more in terms of real estate development, but solar panels will dramatically increase the value of your property. Installed solar panels make homes sell for higher prices and increase the entire neighborhood’s worth. An area that includes solar panels in its design is more likely to have a higher estate value. 

Quiet And Low Maintenance 

Unlike most fuel generators, a solar-powered generator is quiet as can be. The device reduces noise pollution and has the added benefit of being very low maintenance. The lack of moving parts and cranky machinery means that the solar generator is less likely to break down or need frequent repairs. 


Naturally, a solar generator is wonderfully scalable. Depending on the number of solar panels you choose to invest in, you can control the amount of energy you need at all times – whether it’s on an industrial level or simply to power the essentials in your home. The power is completely in your hands.

Worthy Investment 

Choosing the solar route guarantees a return on your investment at the end of the day. The amount that you spend to install and implement a solar-powered energy system will pay for itself in the long run. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy also reaffirmed that solar panels are manufactured products that take significantly less energy to fabricate than they produce over their lifetime.

Environmentally Friendly 

Probably the biggest reason that people choose to go solar is the environmental benefits. Fossil fuels contribute the most to global climate change - accounting for over 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 90% of all carbon dioxide emissions. A recent report by the UN Environment Programme shows that globally, we are on track to produce more than double the amount of coal, oil, and gas by 2030 than we can burn if we are to limit global warming. Investing in a solar generator ensures that your carbon footprint is reduced dramatically and helps to keep our planet clean. 

Enhances Public Image

A lot of businesses could also stand to benefit from investing in a green approach to energy consumption. Solar energy resources assure your customers that you have a sustainable approach to operations and improve client confidence in your brand. Solar generators are a great way to boost your public image as an enterprise. 

The solar energy revolution is here and it’s time to make sure your winters are never without power again. Choosing the right solar generator can be tricky but we’ve sorted that out for you as well.

Why Mango Power Is Your Solar-Powered Guardian Angel  

The Mango Power E unit supports an impressive 2000Wh solar energy input that will easily be enough to power up your essential home devices off the grid. The portable, sleek, and efficient device seamlessly allows you to keep the lights on and keep your home warm – all while using clean, green energy from the sun. 

The advanced Mango Power Solar Panels are built with ETFE Solar Cell Lamination that is higher than most conventional solar panels and features magnetic pads for convenient transportation.

Ben Gillmore tested out the Mango Power E in a YouTube review and commended the way the device rapidly achieved its solar input efficiency – reaching up to 1700W of solar input when using his solar panel setup. He also applauded the way the Mango Power E generator could fully recharge with solar panels while still running appliances – a feat that most other solar generators struggle with.   

The Mango Power Union can also be with your home’s solar system and is the best way to maximize value, allowing you to use solar power day and night. With its 2 built-in PV inverters that support twice the input, you can easily connect the device to both roof solar systems and portable solar panels without any additional accessories. 

mango power union

The Mango Power E solar generator also provides a 0.79 kg reduction in carbon emissions with every recharge - equivalent to the amount of carbon captured by 48 trees in a day. Using the Mango Power E gives back to the environment. 

Learn more about our commitment to a greener planet using solar energy with our Mango Power Forest Plan on our website 

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