Make Your Valentine’s Day Extra Special with the Mango Power E

It’s the middle of February and that means that love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is and always will be a hallmark day in the year to celebrate love and show the people closest to you how much you care. The day itself has been characterized for decades by lavish expressions of affection and gift-giving amongst partners - however, with the progression of time, people came to understand Valentine’s Day as more than just a lovers’ affair and began a more welcoming tradition of gifting and celebrating even the love of friendship on the 14th of every February. With the day now being opened up to all kinds of devotion, the concept of giving the right gift on Valentine’s Day became all the more elusive – but we finally have a gift idea that will cover all bases.

Valentine's Day

The Perfect Valentine

Getting a gift on Valentine’s Day for someone dear to you can seem slightly daunting. It needs to have a certain level of intimacy, personalization, and warmth - a gift that says “I care about you and I want you to be happy” is the general idea that people push towards. Luckily for you, Mango Power has discovered the best gift that says all this and more. The Mango Power E generator may seem like just a regular household piece of equipment but what could be more romantic than telling someone you never want them to feel alone in the darkness of a blackout or feel the cold of a powerless night again - then actually guaranteeing it?

mango power Valentine's Day special offer

The Mango Power E is the perfect gift for those you care about this Valentine’s Day because it carries a deeper meaning than a box of chocolates or a bouquet ever could. The gift of reliable, portable, and powerful energy with innumerable applications. The 3000W output will ensure that your home stays bright, warm, and functional at all times – so that you can spend more time with the people you love doing the things that you enjoy. 

The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving

Investing in a Mango Power E is investing in a lifestyle of convenience and comfort. The device features a sleek and portable design that makes it perfect for going anywhere. Make the most of a special day by providing a full backup for your entire family - even off the grid. This Valentine’s Day, the Mango Power E is the ultimate gift for longevity and luxury combined. We’ve made a list of all the ways that the Mango Power E can help you out this Valentine’s Day:

Adventure Time

With the days getting warmer and the seasons changing, the need to get out of the city is high. Be surrounded by greenery and relax on a camping getaway with your loved ones without sacrificing any of the comforts of a consistent power supply. The Mango Power E is perfect for all your camping and outdoor needs with enough power to accommodate 99% of outdoor appliances.

RV Anyone?

For most people, camping is most fun in an RV and this Valentine’s Day, you can grab a bunch of friends who are in the mood for a trip off the grid and into the wilderness to experience just that. Spoil yourself and your loved ones with the Mango Power E generator that can be just as traveled as your RV and enjoy endless energy on the go. The multiple ports will keep all your devices and necessary appliances on while the powerful ultra-durable LFP battery cells charge faster, last longer, and are more reliable.

Romantic Getaway

Promise your partner the ideal weekend trip away from the bustle of the city in a gesture that is sure to make hearts melt. Mango Power E is your second-best companion on a romantic getaway – ensuring that you always have a well-lit dinner and enough energy to keep warm together later on. While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, the Mango Power E is more of a reliable and comforting lifelong partner.

Cozy Nights In

Perhaps your Valentine’s Day is less extravagant and more cuddles on the couch while watching a movie. Let the Mango Power E assist you in providing 24/7 home power backup so you never have to worry about a power outage or storm interrupting your viewing of The Notebook.

The best part of the Mango Power E is that wherever you go, you’ll never have to worry about power again. The power generator has a 2000W solar charging input to ensure that the sun’s rays will keep your power running for longer. Show your sentimental side when you use the Mango Power E as well when you can boast that its use of solar energy ensures clean, green power that is saving the planet while every recharge of the device means a 0.79 kg reduction in carbon emissions. 

Find the main specs for the Mango Power E below and trust Mango Power to keep the romance alive:

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Home Is Where the Heart Is

As mentioned, Valentine’s Day is no longer just about celebrating the love between a couple but has expanded to a celebration of the love shared between friends and family as well. We should not be limited by shallow definitions of what should and could be a good gift when the main idea is to share your love with someone else and have that be enough. The Mango Power E sustains enough power for you to share its warmth and energy with your entire family. 

Mango power solar geneator

Keep the nights brightly lit and warm when you choose the Mango Power E to ensure that your whole household is safe from a power outage. World-class batteries are used to keep your power running longer – even in bad weather. The Mango Power E will reach 80% in just 1 hour of charging so you never have to worry about the family sitting in the dark or the cold ever again. The Mango Power E can also seamlessly be connected to another Mango Power E device for an enormous 240V split-phase output – perfect for heavy-duty appliances and consistent energy supply throughout your home

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