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LA, California

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1x M Hybrid Inverter, 4x M Battery

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Installer’s Feedback

In a world where simplicity and efficiency reign supreme, the Mango Power M shines as a game-changing energy storage solution. It offers a blazingly fast 4-hour installation process, making advanced energy technology accessible to everyone. Powered by CATL LFP battery cells, renowned for their reliability, the system comes with a reassuring 10-year warranty. Its modular design allows you to tailor your energy storage capacity, ranging from 5,000Wh to a generous 80,000Wh, ensuring you have the backup power you need.

Mango Power M is an all-in-one powerhouse featuring a built-in hybrid inverter delivering 12 kW continuously and an impressive 24 kW at its peak. This system seamlessly integrates with solar panels, supporting up to 18 kW of solar production. It's ready for the future with support for electric vehicle charging at 9.6 kW, too. What sets Mango Power M apart is a rapid 4-hour installation, thanks to built-in features like AGS for generators, 200A breakers, and a 240V split-phase direct output. Plus, all the essential connection cables come with the system, making it a hassle-free path to energy freedom. The Mango Power M truly brings peace of mind.

User Experience

A Game-Changer for Energy Management: My Experience with Mango Power M Energy Storage System
I installed the Mango Power M battery energy storage system in June this year, and I must confess, its utility has far exceeded my expectations. Before I installed the system, during the summer months, our electricity bills used to skyrocket by three to four hundred dollars each month, in addition to the hefty annual settlement. However, just within a span of two to three months post-installation, these costs have dramatically dropped to around one hundred dollars per month. What's more impressive is that our annual settlement with PGE, which cost us over sixteen hundred dollars last year, is now projected to be just over two hundred dollars. The peak period has already passed even though there are still more than seven months left in the year.

The high-end feel of the Mango Power M hybrid inverter and energy storage equipment cannot go unmentioned. It reminded me of the sophisticated and sleek pure-white series when Apple computers first made their appearance. After going through the careful installation process, and observing how this system worked, I came to appreciate that the Mango Power M energy storage battery is an exceptionally well-crafted product.

One of the notable features of the Mango Power M system is the clarity of data representation. The system provides easy-to-understand data and charts. Every piece of important information, from PV energy and charge energy to exports and consumption, is presented succinctly in daily and overall measurements. This feature enables me to instantly gauge both the daily capacity and overall functionality of my energy storage battery.

Moreover, this comprehensive data presentation has allowed me to understand exactly how much electricity the Mango Power M energy storage system has produced since installation. Without this system, I would otherwise have had to pay the grid for all the electricity we consumed.

In conclusion, my experience with the Mango Power M energy storage system has been nothing short of remarkable. It is not only an investment that pays for itself but also a sophisticated, user-friendly tool that takes the guesswork out of monitoring and managing home energy usage. I highly recommend it!
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