Sacramento Mango Power M Installation Completed Without a Hitch


Sacramento, California

System Allocation

1x M Hybrid Inverter, 4x M Battery

System Size


Installer’s Feedback

Mango Power proudly congratulates Armando and Roberto from Intensity Electric on their exceptional installation of the Mango Power M for their client, Robert (Unicorn Solar Development) in Sacramento, California. With over 20 years of electrical installation experience, their expertise and efficiency were evident as they seamlessly integrated the Mango Power M 20kWh, with the existing AC-coupled grid-tied system in under four hours.
This remarkable installation allows Robert to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply during outages and efficiently store and utilize energy from his existing solar system. Mission accomplished!

User Experience

The Mango Power M is an advanced whole home battery backup system that revolutionizes energy independence. Providing an easy-to-scale capacity ranging from 15kWh to 80kWh on a single M Hybrid inverter, this ensures an uninterrupted power supply and offers significant opportunities for electric bill savings. 

Whether integrated with an existing AC or DC coupled solar system or utilizing the off-peak charging functions, the Mango Power M is designed to meet energy needs efficiently and sustainably. Armando and Roberto's exceptional installation exemplifies a commitment to delivering reliable and sustainable energy solutions. Mango Power, Intensity Electric, and Unicorn Solar Development will continue to work hand in hand, dedicated to staying at the forefront of renewable energy advancements and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.
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