Effortless Mango Power M Installation Empowers Mayaguez, Puerto Rico


Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

System Allocation

1x M Hybrid Inverter, 4x M Battery

System Size


Installer’s Feedback

Mango Power M Whole Home Backup System in sunny Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. It was an incredibly smooth process—our combined teams completed the first installation in under 4 hours, including system commissioning! We didn't stop at just installation; the system was easily configured to support up to 8 kW of grid sell-back, further contributing to a more sustainable energy ecosystem.

User Experience

Mango Power M, an innovative whole-home backup system, offers an impressive 20 kWh of battery capacity and a peak output of 24 kW. It also provides the option to add DC or AC-coupled solar systems, connect to the grid, or use a generator. It's truly an all-in-one system for my home, ensuring that no matter what happens, I'll have a reliable source of power.
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