Power Up Your Home with Mango Power Whole Home Battery Backup Systems

A reliable home battery backup system is vital in today’s situation, where power outages happen frequently and abruptly. Owning a reliable power backup system offers several advantages.

You can have instant access to power during an outage, providing light and electricity to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. A powerful battery backup system allows you to achieve energy independence by reducing reliance on generators or expensive electricity. This not only helps you save costs throughout your home but also positively impacts the environment.

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 Green battery backup systems provide clean energy without the need for polluting fuels. Moreover, a whole-home battery backup system lets you choose which appliances, devices, and systems to power during a grid outage, prioritizing energy use based on your lifestyle needs. This adaptability ensures that your power supply remains reliable and tailored to your requirements.

 The Benefits Of Using A Home Battery Backup System Over A Whole Home Generator

Opting for a home battery backup system offers multiple advantages over using a whole home generator.

Home battery backup systems provide clean energy directly, avoiding the reliance on expensive and polluting fuel sources used by generators. This is an eco-friendly solution and also ensures a more sustainable power supply for your home.

Energy independence is another key benefit of a battery backup system. By reducing your reliance on generators or expensive electricity, you can achieve greater self-sufficiency and potentially save costs throughout your household.

 With access to all the circuits in your house, you can choose which appliances, devices, and systems to power during a grid outage. This ensures a customizable and adaptable solution to meet your specific power requirements.

 Home battery backup systems have lower maintenance needs and eliminate the costs associated with fuel. It is a more reliable and efficient source of power.

 While generators may still be necessary for certain situations, such as larger homes requiring extra backup power, investing in a home battery backup system is a wise choice for those prioritizing clean energy, energy independence, and whole-home backup capabilities.

 Mango Power E, Expandable up to 3.5 kWh - 14 kWh Capacity, Meet 99% of Your Home and Portable Power Needs.

The Mango Power E is a versatile power solution serving as a portable power station and a home battery backup system. Its impressive 3.5kWh battery capacity can be expanded by connecting additional batteries, doubling the total capacity to 7kWh.

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The wheeled luggage-like design makes it convenient for users to take it on camping trips or road journeys. At home, it can also be stored in the garage to instantly power your devices and equipment during unexpected power outages or power cuts.

The Mango Power E charges rapidly, reaching 0-80 percent capacity in just 60 minutes. It can be charged using solar power or through an AC power source. It offers multiple output options such as AC, USB-A, USB-C, DC5521, and an RV port, thus catering to various electronic devices and appliances.

The power station utilizes ultra-durable LFP battery cells that last longer and enhance reliability compared to conventional NCA/NCM cells.

 One of its notable features is its expandability. Users can add additional batteries over time to increase the overall system capacity. The Mango Power E is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling remote monitoring and control, providing convenience and peace of mind.

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 Customize For Specific Uses

 Connecting a single Mango Power E with an extra battery can expand the total capacity by 7.06 kWh to achieve an output of 3000W. Another option is to link two Mango Power E units together using an E-Link cable. This can provide a capacity of 14 kWh and an output of 6000W.

 Powered By Highly Durable Battery Cells

 CATL's lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries stand out from other battery chemistries due to their exceptional safety and reliability. These batteries deliver superior performance. CATL's LiFePO4 batteries incorporate innovative self-healing technology. They can withstand a significantly higher number of charge, discharge, and recharge cycles over their lifespan. This cutting-edge feature ensures longevity and durability.

 Superfast Charging

 Powered by CATL LFP battery cell technology, the batteries can charge up to 80 percent in an hour, assuring reliability and longevity.

 Charging Options

 The Mango Power E can be charged in various ways – by solar charging and EV station charging up to 2000W, grid charging, and generator charging up to 3000W.

 Ideal For Heavy Appliances

 The mSocket Pro accessory transforms Mango E into a powerful split-phase generator that can deliver 240V output for running heavy appliances.

 A Whole Home Battery Backup To Deal With Power Outages

 To ensure optimal safeguarding of your power supply, you can enhance it by combining two MANGO POWER E units and adding an extra E unit in parallel. These units can be connected to your home circuit using the mPanel, utilizing their E+ ports.

 This arrangement offers the highest level of protection, with a total capacity of 14kWh when fully charged, ensuring an extended duration of secure power supply.

 Additionally, the Mango Power App gives complete authority over the allocation and utilization of electricity, allowing you to determine the direction and purpose of power flow.

 Mango Power M, Whole-Home Backup Energy System. Smart, Reliable Solar System with Easy Installation

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 Reliability And Safety

 CATL provides a world-class LFP battery that prioritizes safety and durability. This battery is designed to meet international standards, ensuring reliability and longevity. It exhibits strong resilience to temperature changes and can withstand extreme conditions ranging from -20°C to 60°C.

 You can enjoy a generous 10-year warranty. One of the standout features of this battery is its intelligent load control, which revolutionizes how electricity is distributed, allowing for optimized power usage. The battery offers flexibility and customization to meet various energy storage needs. The built-in features, such as an RSD transmitter and AFCI, enhance safety measures for worry-free operation.

 Powerful And Flexible

 The power system features a built-in hybrid inverter capable of providing a continuous power output of 12 kW, with a peak output of 24 kW. It offers versatility by supporting input from both home chargers and generators. This all-in-one smart power system is designed to cater to various scenarios and requirements.

 The battery capacity ranges from 5,000 to 80,000 Wh, providing ample energy storage. It also supports efficient 9.6 kW EV charging. Up to 10 devices can be stacked together for increased power output, resulting in an expanded output of 120 kW.

 The Mango Power App enables convenient control, offering four configurable modes that can be adjusted remotely.

Easy To Install And Budget-Friendly

 This system combines multiple functionalities into one, including a built-in inverter, backup gateway, and EV charger, eliminating the need for separate purchases and installations. It includes an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for generator compatibility, conveniently integrated into the system. It is compatible with both new and existing solar energy systems.

 With a 240 V split phase direct output, there is no requirement for an additional autotransformer. All necessary cables, including 2m 400A battery connection cables, are included.

 Power Your Whole Home With One Battery

 The Mango Power M comes with a 12kW hybrid inverter that provides power for your entire home. You can stack up to 10 120 kW inverters to achieve 100 percent energy independence.


Incorporate Mango Power's ecosystem into your home circuit to ensure that in the event of a power outage, you experience an uninterrupted electricity supply, providing security and independence from the grid. This means that your lights, refrigerators, computers, and other crucial devices will continue to be powered seamlessly without any disruption

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