Unleash The Power: Connect 2 Mango Power E Devices for 240V of Backup Power for Your Home

Modern homes require constant and stable electricity to keep functioning. Whether it’s charging your devices, keeping food fresh, or keeping your loved ones warm, a consistent energy supply is a must. 

mango power e for home backup

Most homes might look at renewable energy as a more temporary solution for the smaller, low-voltage devices or lights when there’s an outage, however, sustainable power solutions are great at doing a lot of the heavy lifting too.

What Is the Standard Voltage for Homes in the United States of America?

When it comes to measuring voltages and getting the right numbers, it can be a little tricky. Choosing the right voltage for your appliances and home is important and prevents property damage or injury. Voltages also tend to vary according to the country you’re in. 

In the US, the standard voltage for homes is 120V for most household outlets and appliances. Some larger appliances will use a 240V supply. These include electric stoves, clothes dryers, or HVAC systems. 

The US stands apart from most other countries where 240V is the standard.

What Is the Difference Between 120V and 240V?

The difference between a 120V and 240V power supply comes down to energy requirements. Larger appliances will naturally need more power and therefore a higher power supply – the 240V. 

However, for general outlets and more commonly used smaller appliances, a 120V supply is enough. While both measurements are part of the same electrical system, they each serve different purposes based on power demands.

Advantages of Using 240V Power Supply 

There are a few advantages to choosing a 249V power supply:

Higher Power 

Naturally, a 240V power supply delivers greater power to an appliance. This is important for larger or high-performance appliances – including air conditioners, ovens, washing machines, and dryers.

Energy Efficiency 

Devices that use 240V are typically more energy-efficient than their 120V counterparts. This is because 240V devices use less current for the same amount of power - meaning that they save energy costs by reducing energy and line loss.


In comparison, 240V appliances are also much more stable in terms of performance. This is especially the case for devices that require continuous operation or constant current.

Wire Sizing

Due to their lower currents, 240V appliances also allow for smaller wire sizing. This reduces assembly and material costs.

Device Lifespan

Higher currents often lead to overheating of equipment which affects device lifespan. Lower operating currents of 240V devices could therefore potentially enhance device longevity.

Now, while 240V appliances have these advantages, it’s important to always consider your personal needs before installing a power supply.

Electrical Appliances in the United States that Use 240V

There are many types of electrical appliances in the US that make use of a 240V power supply. Typically, these are much larger appliances or systems that need more power. 

mango power e for home backup

A few examples of these appliances include:

  • Electric Clothes Dryers
  • Electric Ovens and Ranges
  • Central Air Conditioning Units
  • Electric Furnaces and Heaters
  • Electric Water Heaters 
  • Large Power Tools
  • Hot Tubs or Spas
  • EV (Electric Vehicle) Chargers

Please remember that all electrical work done needs to follow safety guidelines and local codes. Try to consider using a professional electrician before installing any type of electrical system yourself.

Mango Power E: The Ultimate 240V Home Battery Backup Ideal for Powering Heavy-Duty Appliances with its 240V Split-Phase

mango power e key features

The Mango Power E unit boasts an impressive 3.5 kWh capacity and has a 3000W maximum output. The portable, sleek, and efficient device seamlessly allows you to keep the lights on and keep your home warm – all while using sustainable energy from the sun.

For those looking to expand their power supply, the Mango Power E can also seamlessly shift into a 7.06kWh capacity with a 3000W output with the addition of a Mango Power E Battery. Taking it a step further for the heavy-duty appliances crowd, the Mango Power E answers your call for efficient 240V output. 

Using the mSocket Pro accessory, you can easily connect 2 Mango Power E devices. This will turn your device into a high-powered, split-phase generator capable of delivering a reliable and powerful 240V output. 

This will let you run all your large, power-consuming appliances - such as heaters, dryers, water pumps, and more. 

Make the right choice for your energy expansion needs today and invest in a Mango Power E solar generator.

Learn more about the Mango Power range and the innovative and sustainable portable power solutions we offer at our website mangopower.com. 

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