Experience Uninterrupted Power with Mango Power Whole Home Battery Backup Solution

Blackouts and power outages can hit you when least expected, plunging your home or office into the dark unless you have a dependable whole-house battery backup system. An uninterrupted power supply for your home ensures the safety of your family members, besides powering up appliances, lights, and gadgets. An efficient battery backup for home power outages protects your sensitive equipment against potential harm because of voltage fluctuations during storms and other natural events, avoiding costly repairs. 

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Traditional power backup systems like gas-powered generators are not environment-friendly as they produce toxic emissions that may harm the health of residents. These generators produce disturbing noise, causing noise pollution. A whole home generator that runs on fossil fuels is not an energy-efficient backup power solution. 

More homeowners explore alternatives to diesel-powered generators, though these may be cheaper upfront. The gas-guzzling generators require more fuel over time to generate the same power output. The solar battery backup power supply for homes is a clean source of emergency power offering all benefits that conventional gas generators may promise without producing harmful emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxide, and other particulate matter. 

Mango Power E, Expandable up to 3.5 kWh - 14 kWh Capacity, Meet 99% of Your Home and Portable Power Needs

A reliable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient battery backup for home power outages lets you conquer the hassles of blackouts effectively. The environment-friendly and versatile power backup device is more of a vital and practical need than a luxury.

Mango Power E harnesses solar energy and empowers you with a supply of clean energy to power your appliances, lights, and systems during grid failures. A mango solar generator is the perfect solution to your evolving power needs. Consider these unique features of Mango Power E that help you meet 99 percent of your home power needs: 

Customizability to meet diverse energy needs

You can instantly boost the Mango Power E output with an additional battery to achieve 7.06 kWh extra capacity and 3000W supply. Linking two Mango Power E units with an E-Link cable drives up the yield up to 14 kWh capacity and 6000W output. 

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Long-lasting CATL LFP batteries

Mango Power E incorporates industry-leading lithium-ion phosphate batteries that are fire and explosion-proof for enhanced safety. These batteries use advanced self-healing technology for far more charge-discharge-recharge cycles than other chemistries for a longer lifespan.  

Blazing-fast charging 

The high-performance Mango Power E backup battery for home achieves up to 80 percent charging within 60 minutes, thanks to its CATL LFP battery cell technology for instant access to highly reliable performance. 

Versatile charging options

Mango Power E supports multiple charging options comprising up to 2000W of solar charging, 3000W of grid charging, 3000W of generator charging, and 2000W of EV station charging ability. 

Promises Heavy Duty Performance 

Transform Mango Power E into a high-performance 240V split-phase generator using mSocket Pro* to run high-demand appliances like cooking ranges, heaters, dryers, and air-conditioners.  

These attributes make Mango Power E a perfect home battery-backup power supply solution, providing access to all home circuits to power all critical home appliances, gadgets, and devices. It provides a seamless energy supply to deal with the hassles of power outages that may compromise the safety of residents and property.   

Mango Power M, Whole-Home Backup Energy System. Smart and Reliable Solar System with Easy Installation

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Your pursuit of a dependable solar battery backup system for your home ends with Mango Power M, the most intelligent solution for your home energy needs. Mango Power harnesses the free and rich source of solar power to help you reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills. Mango Power M mango power station delivers a massive 20 kWh of energy to power all home appliances and devices. 

Dependable and safe home backup system

  • Mango Power M features state-of-the-art CATL LFP batteries for seamless operations, ensuring safety, and quick charging with a longer lifespan. 
  • Mango Power M mango power station has a resilient temperature adaptability promising exceptional performance in challenging temperatures ranging between -20°C and 60°C. 
  • Mango Power M enables superior control and higher energy output by using intelligent load control and reinvented energy distribution capabilities. 
  • The sleek, compact, and aesthetic design of modular battery blends with the decor of modern homes 
  • Mango Power M supports easy installation with its built-in RSD transmitter and AFCI.

Powerful and flexible energy backup system

  • Experience dependable backup power to support 99 percent of all home energy needs during outages with Mango Power M Built-in hybrid inverter providing 12 kW continuous, and 24 kW peak battery capacity.
  • Mango Power M enables 9.6 kW EV charging, generator input, and home charging capabilities.
  • Mango solar generator ensures dependable performance regardless of any situation and has all-in-one smart capabilities for diverse applications
  • Enjoy the impressive battery capacity of Mango Power M, ranging between 5,000 and 80,000Wh.  
  • Access versatile charging modes, including 9.6kWh EV charging 

Mango Power M home backup generator allows stacking up ten devices to enhance the output up to 120kW output

Control Mango Power M on the go from anywhere with 4 configurable modes of the Mango Power App

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Easy-to-install and pocket-friendly home backup system 

  • Mango Power M is a one-stopsolar battery backup system for home with an EV charger, backup gateway, and inverter besides.
  • The all-in-one Mango Power M whole home battery backup system comprises built-in ATS for generators, avoiding extra purchases and hassles of installation.  
  • Mango Power M features two built-in 200A breakers and 240V split-phase direct output.   
  • Find all connection cables, including the 2m 400A battery connection cables system, while unboxing.    

Mango Power M is the ultimate whole-home generator to power all devices, gadgets, and lights, including high-demand appliances like ovens, pumps, and air-conditioners. Secure your near ones from the risk of accidents by ensuring uninterrupted power supply during outages.

Whole home battery backup during power outages

A reliable and consistent power supply is more crucial in today's forever-connected world, mandating constant access to the internet through a broad spectrum of devices like smartphones, laptops, and tabs. 

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Arranging a whole home generator is vital to achieving energy independence during outages is a must. Knowing about the right emergency backup solution for your home helps you prepare your home for unexpected outages securing your near-ones from the risk of trip and fall accidents or burglars. 

Modern homes depend upon a consistent power supply for seamless connectivity to run internet-connected devices. A reliable backup generator prevents your devices from battery drainage as you can charge your laptops, smartphones, and other internet-connected gadgets for unwavering performance. 

Eco-friendly, versatile, and reliable solar generator

A mango solar generator is a one-stop energy solution for emergency power needs, regardless of whether you need a home power backup or a reliable energy source during camping or road trips. The Mango Power system harnesses solar energy, a clean and cost-efficient source to meet home and off-grid power needs. 

The compact Mango Power E unit is a travel-friendly battery-back system to enjoy all outdoor experiences without sacrificing modern conveniences. Choose Mango Power M to meet home backup needs and forget the hassles of living without power during blackouts and outages. 

Get the Mango Power advantage to meet your home and outdoor power needs and say goodbye to outages and fuel-guzzling generators

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