How Much Does a Whole Home Battery Backup System Cost

There is a growing need for a dependable electricity supply with no interruptions as we become more reliant on gadgets, devices, and appliances in the increasingly digital world. The ever-connected digital world mandates a reliable source of power to facilitate domestic and professional activities because of an increase in weather events because of climate change and aging utility services.

A trustworthy whole home battery backup system like Mango Power is crucial to deal with unexpected power outages and power mission-critical appliances and gadgets with a seamless energy supply. A trusted battery backup system for the home promises peace of mind, significantly lower energy bills, and energy independence. 

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What Is A Whole Home Battery Backup System?

whole house battery backup system, such as Mango Power solar generator, comprises an external power source like solar panels or grid electricity and batteries to store the energy for powering home appliances, devices, and gadgets. The electricity is available for instant use during power outages or blackouts to power lights and vital appliances. You can lower your electricity bills by using the electricity from a whole-home generator during peak times when electricity prices go up. 

Vital components of home battery backup systems

A standard battery backup power supply for a home like Mango Power M comprises these vital components:

  • Battery- A backup battery for the home is the most crucial component of the home battery backup system because it works as an energy storage for emergency use during outages or grid failure events. 
  • Inverter- The battery stores DC electricity that needs conversion into AC electricity to power your home appliances and gadgets. The inverter is also helpful in regulating the electricity current between the grid and solar panels to ensure seamless charging of the battery to support energy requirements during outages. 
  • Monitoring System- The home battery backup has a monitoring system to track battery usage. It also monitors the battery status, providing information on real-time battery usage and the amount of energy in the storage. 
  • The working of a home battery backup system involves four steps as below:
  • Charging the Backup Battery for Home- The home battery backup system charges the battery during the availability of grid supply. It uses clean solar energy from solar panels or the grid. 
  • Stored energy consumption- The battery backup for home power outages switches to battery power in the event of grid failure. It converts DC electricity from the battery into AC for running home appliances and lights.
  • Tracking Energy Consumption- The home battery backup system monitors battery status and energy consumption.
  • Switching back to grid power,Mango Power station switches back to grid power after restoration of power from the grid. The whole house battery backup reverts to the normal position, resuming the battery charging operation to provide backup power during future outages. 

Benefits of investing in solar battery backup system for home

There are several perks to investing in a perfect home backup generator like Mango Power M besides assurance of backup power during outages. Consider these advantages of having a home battery backup power supply in place:

  • Seamless access to power- Anytime power availability is the most significant attribute of Mango Power E whole home generator. It safeguards your costly appliances and near-ones during power outages with an uninterrupted power supply. Mango Power secures security systems and other essential devices with a seamless power supply. 
  • Peace of mind- Mango Power solar generator guarantees peace of mind during unexpected grid failures or storms that plunge the entire area into darkness. The monitoring facility alerts the users about low battery backup for timely action. 
  • Cost efficiency- Switching to a home battery backup system during peak periods and storing electricity during off-peak hours ensures significant cost savings. Mango Power harnesses free and abundant solar energy to minimize your power bills. 
  • Reduces carbon footprint- Solar battery backup for home power outages helps reduce the carbon footprint as gas-powered generators use fossil fuels, generating smoke and toxic gases. 

Key considerations when choosing a home battery backup system

Selecting an appropriate backup battery for the home is an overwhelming task with countless options to consider. The following points help evaluate a home battery backup system.

  • Battery life- Choose a backup battery for the home that assures a long functional life.Lithium-ion batteries last longer because of more charge-recharge-discharge cycles than other battery chemistries. 
  • Multiple charging options- Prefer a battery backup power supply for the home with several charging options, like solar charging, grid charging, EV station charging, and generator charging, for convenience and flexibility. 
  • Electricity generation- Select a home battery backup system that ensures continuous power output of 12 kW with a peak output of 24 kW. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Whole House Battery Backup System

  • Power-output capacity- Higher peak power output is crucial for off-grid applications as there is no grid availability to support high-load situations.  
  • Installation- Installation is a crucial factor in driving up the cost of the home backup battery system. You may need to purchase an extra inverter, backup gateway, and EV charger if the backup battery does not support flexible charging. 
  • Battery size- Compact battery occupies less space and is cost efficient

Which Whole House Battery Backup System Is Right for You?

Expected lifespan

Choosing a whole home generator with an extended lifespan is a prudent decision, as it allows you peace of mind and saves costs. Reputed home backup battery brands like Mango Power provide a warranty of up to ten years.  

Battery chemistry and efficiency

Li-ion batteries last four times longer than other chemistries and are maintenance-free. These are costlier than Lead-acid batteries but provide durability and higher efficiency. Lead-acid batteries have lower energy density than Li-ion batteries.  


A whole house battery with low or no maintenance is the right choice. Reputed whole home backup systems feature Li-ion batteries that require no maintenance.  


Check the warranty of a backup battery for the home, as a longer warranty speaks volumes about the quality of the backup system. Look for a home battery backup option that offers 10 years warranty.  

An In-Depth Look at Mango Power E and Mango Power M

Mango Power E Meets 99% of Your Home and Portable Power Needs

mango power e

  • Seamless scalability- Scaling up Mango Power E to meet diverse power needs in outdoor locations is a breeze. Linking a single Mango Power E with an additional battery lets you achieve 7.06 kWh extra capacity and 3000W output. Scale up to 14 kWh capacity and 6000W output by inking two Mango Power E units with an E-Link cable. 
  • Run heavy-duty appliances without hassles-Mango Power E converts to a high-power split-phase power generator delivering 240V output to run high-demand appliances like pumps, dryers, and heaters. 
  • Long-life CATL LFP Battery CellsMango solar generator incorporates industry-leading CATL LFP batteries for ultra-durable performance without maintenance. It supports more charge-recharge-discharge cycles and has a unique self-healing attribute for consistent performance throughout the long lifespan.  

Besides being a suitable backup power solution for outdoor activities, Mango Power E is equally efficient in meeting emergency home backup needs. Homeowners can leverage Mango Power E as a cost-effective and powerful home battery backup option to run refrigerators, air conditioners, and heaters. 

Mango Power M, Whole-Home Backup Energy System. Smart, Reliable Solar System with Easy Installation

mango power m

If you are looking for a perfect home backup energy system, then Mango Power M is the undisputed choice among all available options. It generates a whopping 20 kWh capacity to run your home appliances, gadgets, and lights, all at once. Mango Power M has 18 kWh solar input capacity and a battery capacity with a broad range of 12 to 120 kWh. 

Dependable and safe whole home battery system

  • Mango Power M battery backup power supply for home uses a top-class LFP battery by CATL for ultra-durable performance and safety.
  • Mango Power M has excellent temperature adaptability, ranging between -20°C and 60°C. 
  • Mango Power boasts a 10-year warranty guaranteeing peace of mind 

Powerful and Flexible Performance

  • Enjoy continuous backup power with a built-in hybrid inverter that delivers 12 kW continuous, 24 kW peak output catering to your emergency backup requirements. 
  • Flexible charging options of Mango Power M allow home charger and generator input.
  • Mango Power M supports diverse scenarios with its all-in-one features, integrated to deliver exceptionally smooth performance.
  • Meet all energy needs at your home with Mango Power M's massive battery capacity that scales up from 5,000Wh to 8,000Wh without hassles.
  • Flexible charging options of Mango Power M include a 9.6 kW EV charging facility.
  • Elevate the power supply further by staking up to 10 devices to expand power output to 120 kW
  • Control and monitor your device on the go with a dedicated and user-friendly Mango Power M app enabling four different configurable modes 

 Easy Installation & Budget Friendly

  • Mango Power M is a one-stop backup energy solution comprising a built-in inverter, backup gateway, and EV charger.
  • Incorporates a built-in ATS inside the system, avoiding extra purchases and installation
  • Seamless compatibility with existing and new solar energy systems
  • Converts into 240V spit-phase direct output without additional autotransformer 
  • Mango Power M has all connection cables in the system, facilitating hassle-free installation


Mango Power E and Mango Power M tick all boxes for an ideal home and outdoor battery backup system. It meets all challenges of portability, durability, scalability, and applications. Considering all its unique features, Mango Power emerges as an undisputed winner among all whole home battery backup systems in the US

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