Go Solar with Mango Power: Efficient & Eco-Friendly Generator

The Mango Power E 200W Solar Panel is your portable solar charging resource. The powerful system can keep solar generators juiced enough to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply for a long time.

mango power 36v solar panel

It has three kickstands that make it easy to set up and stand securely. The maximum power it can generate is 200W, which may vary depending on the lighting and weather conditions. It is designed to work with the Mango Power E Portable Power Station.

  • The solar panel has MC4 connectors and supports the output specifications of Mango Power solar panels.
  • It has a peak power of 200W, an efficient solar cell lamination called ETFE, and a high cell efficiency of 22 percent.
  • The voltage at maximum power is 20.16V, and the current at maximum capacity is 9.92A.
  • It has a short circuit voltage of 10.46A and can operate in temperatures ranging from -4 ℉to 140 ℉ (-20℃ to 60 ℃).
  • The optimal working temperature is 77 ℉(25 ℃).

 The solar panel can be connected to the PV input cable of the Mango Power E Portable Power Station.

The Mango Power E 200W Solar Panel Plays A Vital Role In Providing Portable, Renewable Energy

 As one of the most convenient and reliable renewable energy resources, The Mango Power E 200W Solar Panel plays a key role in ensuring a non-stop power supply even during extended outages.

mango power 36v solar panel

Efficient Power Conversion 

With Mango Power Solar Move 200, your solar generators will stay powered for long. It uses renewable solar energy to run your household appliances, whether you are connected to the grid or not.

Convenient Portability 

The solar panel has magnetic pads that allow it to be folded up neatly and carried around easily.


The solar panel is designed to be waterproof and durable, thanks to its ETFE-laminated casing. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, with its IP67 Waterproof Rating.

Easy to Set Up 

Setting up the solar panel is easy. High stability is achieved with its three kickstands.

Simplified Requirements 

For an 18V solar panel, you will need at least four panels to meet the input requirement of 60V-150V, as recommended by MPPT. Two panels are needed at the minimum for 36V solar panels.

Key Features of Mango Power Solar Generator

mango power solar generator

Customized For Diverse Needs

The capacity and power output of Mango Power E can be enhanced by connecting an additional battery, which gives you an extra 7.06 kWh capacity and 3000W output. You can also link two Mango Power E units together using an E-Link cable to get a total capacity of 14 kWh and an output of 6000W. 

Super Durable CATL LFP Battery Cells 

CATL's lithium iron phosphate batteries are incredibly safe and reliable compared to other battery types. Their unique self-healing technology allows them to endure a higher number of charge, discharge, and recharge cycles over their lifespan.

Rapid Charging

 The robust CATL LFP battery cell technology ensures that the Mango Power E can charge quickly. It can reach up to 80 percent charging capacity within just one hour.

Multiple Charging Options

 There are various ways of charging the Mango Power E, including solar charging (up to 2000W), grid charging (3000W), generator charging (3000W), and EV station charging (up to 2000W).

240V Split-Phase Power for Heavy-duty Appliance 

Using the mSocket Pro attachment, the Mango Power E transforms into a dynamic generator that can provide 240V output. This allows users to power heavy-duty appliances and equipment that require a higher voltage to operate effectively.

Benefits of Using Mango Power Solar Generator

mango power for camping

Access To Reliable Energy:

The Mango Power E ensures a consistent electricity supply, eliminating the worries of power cuts or blackouts. It enables you to keep your home illuminated and your devices fully charged. It helps maintain a safe and comfortable environment. Even during emergencies like natural disasters or severe weather conditions, the Mango Power E guarantees an uninterrupted power supply. 

Clean Energy When Needed

 Mango Power keeps a sharp focus on sustainability when designing its solar generators. By harnessing solar energy, these devices offer an environmentally-friendly power solution. Additionally, every full recharge of the Mango Power E reduces 0.79 kg of carbon emissions. This is equivalent to the carbon absorbed by 48 trees in a day.


The Mango Power E is not limited to home use but is also suitable for various outdoor activities. Whether you are an adventurer, an RV enthusiast, or enjoy hiking and camping, this solar generator allows you to maintain power for your devices and appliances while on the go. The device comes with two sturdy wheels, making it easy to carry from one place to another like a suitcase.


Until recently, the cost of switching to renewable energy was a deterrent for many users. However, the affordability and accessibility of solar power have significantly improved. Mango Power's solar generator provides a cost-effective alternative by utilizing solar energy, reducing reliance on traditional power sources, and potentially lowering electricity bills.

Solar generators, such as the Mango Power E, can significantly reduce utility expenses by harnessing abundant and free energy from the sun. This investment in solar power has the potential to pay for itself over time or even immediately through federal solar tax credits provided by the government.

Mango Power E requires minimal maintenance and offers user-friendly features, including a dedicated Mango Power app that allows users to customize device settings remotely.

How to connect 2*200w(36v) Solar panel with Mango Power E

To optimize your Mango Power E experience, consider investing in two 200W Mango Power solar panels. Follow these simple steps to connect the panels and enjoy seamless and sustainable energy:

  • Unfold the neatly packed solar panels and assemble them to stand.
  • Use the included solar panel cable to connect the Mango Power E device to the solar panels.
  • Connect the positive (+) end of the solar panel cable to the positive end of the cable attached to the solar panel. Then connect the negative (-) ends to each other.
  • Open the side cover of the Mango Power E device and locate the Grid AC port.
  • Connect the other end of the solar cable to the device's solar output port, matching the white dot to a similar dot.

Switching the power button on the Mango Power E device will indicate that a maximum recharging solar capacity of 2000W can be achieved

If You Want To Invest In Solar Power, Buy Mango Power Solar Generator

Solar power has become the top choice for renewable energy due to rising fuel and coal prices and the pressure to follow sustainable practices. Mango Power is a sustainable energy brand founded in 2021, offering intelligent home power supply solutions. Their products provide superior solar-powered generators, saving money, ensuring reliable power, and protecting the environment. Choose Mango Power for an efficient and eco-friendly home energy solution.

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