Mango Power M, Your Whole-Home Backup Energy System

Every home requires a consistent energy supply – that’s simply a fact. The modern age has made it necessary to always stay connected, charged, and powered up. However, having a steady power supply is not always a guarantee. 

mango power m home backup

Power outages, grid failure, and stormy weather can all affect your home’s electricity. This is why most people are now looking for sustainable and convenient backup energy solutions. A backup energy system for your home is crucial for several reasons – including but not limited to:

  • Unlimited energy from the sun that can be stored efficiently in batteries.
  • Seamless energy for your entire home. 
  • Safety and security when alarm systems fail due to power outages.
  • Keeping you and your loved ones warm during stormy weather.
  • Keeping all your devices charged and ready for use.
  • Staying connected and powered up in emergencies – like natural disasters and more.
  • Enjoying a drastic reduction in utility expenses.

The Revolutionary Mango Power M

Mango Power M

Fortunately, Mango Power has introduced its premium answer to all these concerns with the Mango Power M. An impressive whole-home backup energy system that meets all your power supply needs – providing lasting and reliable energy for your entire household. 

The 20 kWh energy capacity keeps the lights on and your appliances running when you invest in the Mango Power M for efficiency and intelligent design. Soak up the sun’s rays with the device’s 18kW solar input capacity for an energy solution that’s kinder to the planet.

The Mango Power M battery capacity ranges from 12 to 120 kWh and seamlessly expands up to 80000Wh while the built-in hybrid inverter offers 12kW continuous and 24 kW peak with home charging and generator input. Enjoy seamless and sustainable power with its simplified yet advanced system that will elevate your home and ensure effective energy backup whenever you need it.

Key features of the Mango Power M

Mango Power M Key Features

Reliability and Safety

  • The Mango Power M makes use of world-class LFP batteries by CATL  that last longer, charge faster, and provide safe and durable operation at all times.
  • The system comes equipped with resilient temperature adaptability to maintain your home’s energy supply in several conditions ( -20°C – 60°C)
  • Enjoy effective quality assurance with a 10-year warranty on the product.
  • The Mango Power M features intelligent load control and reinvented electricity distribution for better control and power output.
  • The modular battery ensures a sleek and modern look for your home.
  • A built-in RSD transmitter and AFCI allow you to install the energy system seamlessly without any hassles.

Power and Flexibility

  • Appreciate backup power that lasts as long as you need it to with a built-in hybrid inverter with a 12kW continuous output and a 24kW peak battery capacity.
  • Enjoy home charging and generator input capabilities.
  • The Mango Power M is built for any situation and features an integrated, all-in-one system for a variety of applications. 
  • An impressive battery capacity ranging from 5,000 to 80,000Wh.
  • Charge your system seamlessly with 9.6 kW EV charging capabilities.
  • Elevate your Mango Power M battery capacity from 5kWh to 80kWh and enjoy seamless backup power that meets your entire home's energy needs. 
  • Additionally, improve your power supply by stacking up to 10 devices for a 120kW expanded output.
  • Enjoy convenience at the touch of a button through the Mango Power App and control your power storage system with 4 different configurable modes from anywhere.

Easy Installation and Affordability 

  • The Mango Power M is an all-in-one system with a built-in inverter, backup gateway, and EV charging. 
  • Easily accommodates both AC coupling for your existing solar systems and DC coupling for newer solar modules.
  • Features built-in ATS for generator inside the system with no extra purchase or installation necessary.
  • 240V split-phase direct output with no extra autotransformer.
  •  All the connection cables are already in the system - with the 2m 400A battery connection cables included in the box.

The Benefits of Using the Mango Power M

mango power m whole home battery backup

Energy Storage

The Mango Power M makes use of the unlimited energy from the sun to generate and store power for your entire home. The advanced solar panels ensure that the energy is continuously soaked up – even without a sunny day. This keeps your home's energy stable and consistent.

Providing Power During Outages

Provide seamless power to your entire home when the lights go out, Whether it’s grid failure, outages, or storms – the Mango Power M ensures a continuous supply of electricity throughout your household. Keep all your appliances, devices, and gadgets charged up and working while ensuring your family stays warm, safe, and connected in case of emergencies.

Sell Electricity to the Grid

Say goodbye to fuel hikes and startling electricity bills when you use the sustainable solar-powered Mango Power M. The whole-home energy system pays you for the excess solar energy you generate by sending it back to the grid according to the regulations of your local utility provider.

Time-Based Peak Shaving

The Mango Power M keeps your home’s power running in this mode when power levels are being reduced during peak periods. This feature can also be adjusted according to the peak shaving in your area to ensure seamless energy.

Federal Tax Credits and Solar Incentives

Save on your investment in the Mango Power M through the multiple Federal Tax Credits and solar incentives available to you in your area. Let the government reward you for making the sustainable choice and take advantage of these programs and initiatives that drive more people to choose renewable energy solutions.

Expect the Best Quality 

Here at Mango Power, we believe in innovations that make your life easier. This is why our products are catered to your every need to provide maximum convenience. The Mango Power M comes with an airtight 10-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind. 

mango power m home battery backup

The product is also protected against the elements with an IP65 Rating and achieved impressive safety certifications UL9540A & UL9540 while being Intertek certified. The Mango Power M has been put through various tests and trials to give you the ideal home power system that goes beyond expectations.

Take advantage of seamless and integrated renewable energy for your entire home with the Mango Power M. Enjoy a better life with your new dependable, advanced, and easy-to-use solar energy storage system!

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