Discover the Mango Power M: Your Reliable Whole Home Backup Energy Solution

Achieve energy independence with Mango Power M, a comprehensive whole-home backup system. Store, generate, and utilize power efficiently for your household needs

Importance Of Backup Energy Systems

mango power M  whole home backup

Backup energy systems are crucial for homes for several reasons. They ensure an uninterrupted power supply during grid outages or emergencies. When the main power source is unavailable, you can still use your appliances and devices without disruption.

 Backup energy systems provide a reliable and lasting energy source for your entire home. This is especially important during emergencies or natural disasters when power outages can last for an extended period. Having a backup system ensures that you have access to power whenever you need it.

 Moreover, backup energy systems can be cost-effective. By utilizing renewable energy sources like solar power, you can reduce your dependence on the grid and lower your energy costs over time.

 Additionally, these systems are environmentally friendly. By harnessing renewable energy sources, such as solar power, backup energy systems contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.

 Backup power systems can protect homes by instantly restoring lighting and security systems, safeguarding them against potential intrusions.

Introducing the Mango Power M, Whole-Home Backup Energy System

mango power m

Mango Power has recently unveiled a unique solution to address home energy concerns with the Mango Power M. This state-of-the-art whole-home backup energy system is designed to cater to all your power supply needs, ensuring long-lasting and dependable energy for your entire household.

With a substantial energy capacity of 20 kWh, the Mango Power M enables you to keep your lights on and appliances running efficiently.

What sets this device apart is its environmental friendliness. It boasts an impressive 18 kW solar input capacity, allowing you to harness the sun's energy for a sustainable power solution.

The battery capacity of the Mango Power M ranges from 12 kWh to an expansive 120 kWh, offering the flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Moreover, this system can seamlessly expand up to an impressive 80,000 Wh, while its built-in hybrid inverter provides a continuous power output of 12 kW and a peak performance of 24 kW. This ensures efficient home charging and also enables integration with a generator input.

 Experience uninterrupted and eco-friendly power with the Mango Power M. Its simplified yet advanced system can provide reliable energy backup for your home whenever needed.

 Key Features of Mango Power M

mango power m features

  1. Reliability and Safety
  • CATL offers a world-class LFP battery with a focus on safety and durability.
  • The battery exhibits excellent resilience and can adapt to a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to 60°C.
  • It comes with an impressive 10-year warranty.
  • CATL's battery features intelligent load control, revolutionizing how electricity is distributed. This ensures efficient and optimized power distribution and enhances overall energy management.
  • The battery’s modular structure allows for easy customization and scalability based on individual needs.
  • The CATL battery incorporates a built-in RSD Transmitter and AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter), adding an extra layer of safety and protection against electrical hazards.
  1. Powerful and Flexible 
  • The hybrid inverter is integrated into the system and has a continuous power output of 12 kW, with a peak power output of 24 kW.
  • It is designed to work with both a home charger and a generator as input sources.
  • This smart power system can operate in various scenarios and offers a range of features.
  • The battery capacity can be customized from 5,000 Wh to 80,000 Wh.
  • It supports fast EV charging at a rate of 9.6 kW.
  • By combining up to 10 devices, the system can achieve an expanded output of 120 kW.

The Mango Power App allows convenient system control, enabling users to remotely manage the device using four different configurable modes from anywhere.      

  1. Easy Installation & Budget Friendly  
  • The Mango Power M combines multiple functionalities into one unit, including an integrated inverter, backup gateway, and EV charger, eliminating the need for separate devices.
  • The system comes with a built-in Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) specifically designed for generators. There is no need to purchase and install an additional ATS.
  • It is designed to be compatible with new and existing solar energy systems, providing flexibility for integration.
  • The system offers a direct output of 240 V split phase. You don’t need an additional autotransformer.
  • All the necessary connection cables, including 2-meter 400A battery connection cables, are included in the system package. 

The Benefits of Using the Mango Power M

mango power m home battery backup

 Efficient Energy Storage

 Harness the boundless power of the sun to generate and store energy for your entire household. Unlike conventional solar panels that only capture sunlight during the day, the Mango Power M ensures continuous storage of energy in its battery system, even during overcast weather. This guarantees a stable and consistent energy supply for your home.

 Reliable Backup Power

 Experience uninterrupted power supply during grid outages. Whether you encounter stormy weather, power fluctuations, or natural disasters, you can depend on the Mango Power M to keep your home illuminated and functioning.

 Earn from Excess Energy

 Invest in an energy solution that allows you to earn money by selling surplus power back to the grid. With the Mango Power M, any excess energy you generate will be stored and subsequently sent back to the grid in compliance with the regulations set by your local utility provider.

 Optimal Power Management

 The Mango Power M offers time-based peak-shaving functionality, ensuring that your home's power supply remains unaffected during reduced power availability, particularly during peak hours. This feature can be customized according to the peak shaving requirements specific to your area, enabling a seamless energy experience.

 Power Up Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

Buy Mango Power H and experience the extraordinary capability of a renewable power source that supplies power to your entire household through its integrated 12 kW hybrid inverter. You can seamlessly combine up to three 120 kW inverters to significantly expand the battery capacity to reach an impressive 800 kWh. This enhanced capacity ensures unrivaled energy independence, allowing you to achieve complete autonomy and freedom in meeting all your power needs.

 Quality Assurance

 Extended 10-Year Warranty

 The Mango Power M system comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty that allows customers to enjoy peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that they have invested in a high-quality product. The company guarantees the reliability and quality of the product, and in the unlikely event of any dissatisfaction or malfunctions, they will promptly replace your device.

 Robust IP65 Rating

 The Mango Power M is designed to withstand various environmental challenges, boasting an impressive IP65 rating. This rating ensures resistance against water splashes and dust, making installation easier and offering enhanced protection for long-lasting performance.

 Trusted Safety Certifications (UL9540A & UL9540)

The Mango Power M proudly holds a range of esteemed safety certifications, including UL9540A, UL9540, CA rule21, IEEE1547, UL1973, UL1642, and UL9540. These certifications serve as a testament to the system's impeccable safety standards, reliability, and exceptional quality in the realm of home solar energy solutions.

 Intertek Certification

Our product has undergone rigorous testing, inspection, and certification by renowned companies such as Intertek. This certification ensures that the Mango Power M meets stringent quality and safety requirements, guaranteeing a superior and reliable energy solution for your home

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