What Is the Best Clean, Renewable Energy Source

Humankind's reliance on fossil fuels dates back hundreds of years ago. We use over eighty percent of energy from fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gases to cook food, heat homes, and power industrial processes. However, fossil fuels are finite as natural energy sources are not renewable. 

renewable energy

We may run out of all fossil fuels by 2060 unless we reduce our dependence on these resources by harnessing renewable energy sources like solar, wind, or geothermal energy. 

Renewable energy sources help us protect the environment besides saving valuable and fast-depleting natural energy resources. We must replace fossil fuels with clean energy sources to reduce carbon emissions and arrest global warming.   

Why Renewables are Essential for Stopping Climate Change and Achieving Net Zero

It takes millions of years to form fossil fuels. These energy sources are not reliable and renewable. We cannot continue consuming the fast-vanishing fossil fuel reserves, hoping to discover new fossil-fuel deposits. These fuels contribute to global warming, causing catastrophic events like heat waves, flooding, and tornadoes. 

solar energy

Renewable energy options like wind or sun are never-ending sources to power industries, appliances, devices, and gadgets.

We will cross the critical limit of a 2°C rise in global temperature by burning up to 30 percent of our fossil fuel reserves. Fossil fuels emit toxic gases while burning, leading to severe health problems. There is an urgent need to achieve total reliance on renewable energy to steer clear of global warming. 

Assuming we do not discover new reserves, the following predictions highlight years when we will run out of different fossil fuels:

  • Oil reserves- 2052
  • Coal reserves- 2060
  • Natural gas reserves- 2060

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy sources do not contribute to global warming as this help generate electricity producing negligible or no CO₂. Greenhouse gases trap heat within the earth's atmosphere, causing global warming. Free and abundant renewable energy sources are available everywhere. Achieving net-zero carbon emissions is practical by leveraging cheaper and healthier sustainable energy solutions to produce electricity. 

What Are the Different Sources of Clean, Renewable Energy?

Clean and renewable energy sources cause no environmental impact and are in abundance. Sustainability is the major attribute of renewable energy solutions, as these resources are endless. We also know renewable energy as alternative energy as it is a suitable alternative to conventional energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas. These are the most popular renewable energy sources:


The giant wind turbines capture abundant wind energy to produce electricity. Wind farms contribute to the National Grid by harnessing free wind energy and driving generators. Wind power does not harm the environment or human health as it generates clean energy. Most wind forms are in remote locations requiring the laying up of transmission cables for the transportation of electricity. It causes a significant hike in the cost of electricity. 


Geothermal energy is the thermal (heat) energy inside the earth's crust. Harnessing geothermal energy involves using the steam from the hot water below the earth's surface to power turbines for electricity generation. 


Hydro energy is among the most developed renewable energy sources for commercial use. Storing water in dams and using the controlled water flow to drive turbines is the method of harnessing hydropower to generate electricity. Hydropower enables the storage and distribution of electricity to a large geographical area. 

Ocean energy 

Oceans create tides that can produce mechanical energy to drive turbines for electricity generation. We know this as tidal or marine energy. Predictability of high and low tides allows compensation of periods whenever the current is low. Cities near the harbors can leverage tidal energy to power homes by harnessing ocean energy.


Bioenergy refers to the use of biomass to produce heat. The obvious example of using bio-energy is burning firewood to produce heat while cooking. Biomass helps generate methane gas as an energy source. Landfills and ponds are rich in biomass, which produce methane gas after decomposition. 

Emerging Clean Energy Technologies

Emerging energy technologies comprise hydrogen, compressed air, exchange systems, and flywheels. Storing solar energy using photovoltaic cells is among the most sought-after emerging energy technologies. PV cells contribute to over three percent of the world's electricity generation. 

Solar energy

Solar energy from the sun's light and heat helps generate clean energy. Mango Power Solar Generators use solar panels to capture solar energy and produce electricity. Solar PV cells help store electricity for emergencies, like power outages. Solar energy is also suitable for off-grid living. The heat from the sun can boil water and produce steam for operating turbines.  

What Is the Most Promising Clean Energy Source

solar energy

Solar energy is the most stable and abundant clean energy among renewable energy sources as it causes no carbon emissions promising a healthier environment. Mango Power E harnesses solar energy, the most suitable form of renewable energy for residential use. The following are notable attributes of solar energy:

  • Environment-friendly, clean energy- Electricity generation through solar energy involves no combustion promising a clan and environment-friendly energy source. Solar energy causes no greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Promises energy independence- Solar energy helps us reduce reliance on fast-depleting fossil fuels. We will continue to access solar power for an infinite period to generate electricity and become energy-independent. 
  • Sustainability- Solar energy is among the most ubiquitous and abundant renewable energy sources. It can power homes in any location, regardless of grid availability. Mango Power helps harness solar energy at home and outdoors to power appliances, gadgets, and devices.   
  • Freedom from maintenance- Mango Power Solar Generator uses no mechanical or moving parts. The unit requires no maintenance except for occasional cleaning. There is no possibility of breakdown or ensuring seamless performance under challenging conditions. 
  • Savings on electricity bills- Solar energy helps homeowners reduce electricity bills because solar energy is a free energy resource. You can sell the surplus electricity to the utility company to benefit from credit on the electricity bills. Switching over to Mango Power M during peak hours helps minimize utility bills.  

Benefits of Mango Power Solar Generator

mango power solar generator

Mango Power E is a perfect eco-friendly energy solution to beat power outages at home. It is also suitable for outdoor use during picnics, parties, or RV trips. Here are a few startling benefits of the Mango Power Solar Generator.

Access To Reliable Energy

Mango Power E promises a stable and consistent energy supply to address concerns about frequent power cuts. It illuminates your home and office, securing occupants by ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. During extreme weather events like storms and floods, Mango Power avoids battery drainage by charging mission-critical devices like laptops, smartphones, and power banks.  

Clean energy where and when you need it

Mango Power E is a portable clean energy solution providing access to off-grid energy regardless of location. You can achieve a 0.79kg reduction in carbon emission, equivalent to 24 hours of carbon absorption by 48 trees, after each recharge of Mango Power E. 

Outdoor-Friendly, clean energy

Mango Power E causes no noise and air pollution, causing no hindrance to your outdoor activities, like camping or hiking. It guarantees a quiet and emission-free performance while powering up your devices, appliances, and gadgets. The portable power resource has robust wheels to allow easy movement regardless of the terrain. Mango Power E has a compact suitcase-like design to facilitate smooth transportation. 


The growing use of solar power devices ensures better affordability as the technology evolves rapidly. Solar energy is a free natural resource, unlike grid electricity. Using Mango Power Solar Generator helps minimize the consumption of costly grid electricity to reduce electricity bills. Mango Power pays back the higher upfront cost of investment over time. 

The takeaway 

Solar energy deserves to be among the most affordable and efficient clean energy sources. Investing in solar power is more affordable and beneficial with the availability of a Mango Power E solar generator. It is the most valuable renewable energy solution to reduce carbon footprint and beat unexpected power outages. You can minimize reliance on grid power and achieve energy independence by installing Mango Power M in your home to power all appliances, lights, and gadgets

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