Conquer Power Outages with Mango Power E: The Ultimate Home Battery Backup Solution

Power outages are an unfortunate reality of all our lives. Whether it’s stormy weather, grid failure, or natural disasters - at some point you’ll have to face the despair of a power outage. Energy is, however, still a basic human need. Our lives revolve around having access to power – from charging devices and keeping warm to cooking food and keeping the lights burning. We need a reliable power supply even in unreliable conditions. 

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This is why solar and battery generators are a great investment for any home. They provide seamless power as soon as the lights go out and can ensure backup energy for your entire home. Choosing the right backup power solution can be rather tricky sometimes with so many available on the market. That’s why we’ve made it a million times easier for you by introducing the revolutionary Mango Power E. 

Why Choose Mango Power E for Your Home?

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Here at Mango Power, the mission is to realize a world full of renewable energy solutions and a zero-carbon future for everyone. This is why the Mango Power E was a breakthrough product for whole-home backup power. Some of the key reasons you should consider the Mango Power E are:

Reliable Whole-House Battery Backup System

  • The Mango Power E boasts an impressive 3.5 kWh capacity and has a 3000W maximum output that allows you to easily power up your essential home devices – inside your home and outside. This is ideal for keeping all your essential appliances running during a blackout. 
  • The seamless transition between the grid to battery power ensures that you never have to spend a single moment in the darkness.
  • The scalable system of the Mango Power E can be fully customized to your needs. Connecting your Mango Power E to two 200W (36V) Mango Power solar panels gives you an unprecedented off-grid power supply. You can also easily expand your output to a 14kWh capacity by combining 2 Mango Power E devices.

Solar-Powered Home Generator

  • Solar energy is the key to the future of renewable power solutions. The sun is an unlimited resource that provides massive amounts of energy. The Mango Power E supports an impressive 2000Wh solar energy and easily ensures that your entire home maintains its power supply. The advanced Mango Power Solar Panels are also built with ETFE Solar Cell Lamination that is higher than most conventional solar panels and features magnetic pads for convenient transportation. 
  • The Mango Power E also actively works to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in our environment. Every full recharge of the device provides a 0.79 kg reduction in carbon emissions - equivalent to the amount of carbon captured by 48 trees in a day. Apart from being good for the environment, the solar generator also protects you from steep utility bills and unpredictable fuel price hikes.
  • Grid-tied energy can be inconsistent and expensive. Solar generators work off the grid and ensure that you can too. Whether you’re taking your family on an outdoor adventure or simply taking your home off the grid altogether, the Mango Power E supplies seamless power for your entire family. 

 Easy-to-Use and Monitor Interface

  • Mango Power E sports a user-friendly control setup that makes monitoring and controlling the device an absolute breeze. The touchscreen feature presents everything you need to know in a neat and convenient interface. 
  • Easily access the real-time data you need to manage your home’s power supply – from the power usage levels to the energy savings.
  • The Mango Power E also works efficiently through the Mango Power App which can be easily downloaded and allows users to control, maintain, and oversee everything to do with their entire home’s power supply at the touch of a button – from anywhere in the world. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Power Outages with the Mango Power E

Losing power can be an alarming thing by itself. The Mango Power E ensures that your home and family stay safe during power outages by providing seamless energy. Some key reasons to trust the Mango Power E to banish your fears during power outages include:

Staying Powered Up in Emergencies 

  • The Mango Power E will keep all critical equipment going – this includes some basic medical devices and other essential appliances.  
  • Power outages can easily affect routers and phone lines. The Mango Power E keeps your communication lines open by providing consistent power to your routers and keeping your phones charged at all times. This helps if you need to call emergency services or try reaching other people. 
  • Most security systems these days rely on electricity to function.  When a power outage hits, criminals may take advantage of weakened or disabled security and alarm systems. The Mango Power E ensures that your security system is never disrupted and that your family is safe at all times. 

Giving You Peace of Mind

  • Power outages by themselves can be a stressful event. The concern triples over when the entire home is now at risk when the lights go out. With the Mango Power E, you can easily protect your entire home and family in the event of a power outage by ensuring seamless and reliable energy. 
  • The Mango Power E makes use of advanced and durable CATL batteries with self-healing technology that allows them to last longer and charge faster. This means that your solar generator will not run out of energy and can keep your entire home’s power supply running for a longer period. 
  • Mango Power prides itself on providing reliable products but also takes pride in its professional services. The Mango Power E comes with easy and professional installation by qualified technicians and ongoing support for any queries you may have later on. 

Make the Smart Choice for Your Home: Choose Mango Power E

The Mango Power E is a portable, sleek, and efficient solar generator that seamlessly allows you to keep the lights on and keep your home warm while using clean, renewable energy from the sun.

Invest in a Future-Proof Solution

  • Your energy needs are constantly evolving and so are our designs. The Mango Power E adapts to every power need you might have. 
  • A distinct feature of the Mango Power E is its ability to easily expand its battery capacity for higher output. Seamlessly expand your output with a Mango Power E Battery to reach a 7.06kWh capacity with a 3000W output. Additionally, 2 Mango Power E devices can be connected with an E-Link cable to easily expand to a 14kWh capacity and 6000W output. 
  • The sleek and modular design of the device makes it ideal for easy upgrades in the future to ensure that renewable energy solutions are as forward-thinking as you are. 

Join the Green Energy Movement

  • The renewable energy revolution is quickly approaching and you do not want to be left behind. Investing in sustainable energy solutions will encourage others to take a stand against the use of fossil fuels and promotes a clean energy future for us all. 
  • Solar generators will improve your life by decreasing your reliance on burning fossil fuels and unpredictable fuels. Our planet is suffering the brunt of overused resources and you have the opportunity to do something about it by choosing a sustainable power supply. 
  • The Mango Power E is the crown of our achievements because it represents all the good that we can do while still providing efficiency and integrity for our customers. Choose the Mango Power E to make a tangible difference to the planet we call home.

Key Features of Mango Power Solar Generator

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Easy Customization for Different Uses

The Mango Power E can seamlessly be expanded with a Mango Power E Battery to a 7.06kWh capacity with a 3000W output. This makes it easier to use for various scenarios. Additionally, 2 Mango Power E devices can be connected with an E-Link cable to easily expand to a 14kWh capacity and 6000W output.

Ultra-Durable CATL LFP Battery Cells

The CATL lithium iron phosphate batteries used by the Mango Power E are much safer and more reliable than other batteries. The CATL's unique self-healing technology allows its batteries to run for more cycles - charging, discharging, and recharging several more times. The batteries also ensure long-lasting and reliable performance.

Rapid Charging

The ultra-durable CATL LFP battery cell technology used by the Mango Power E allows for faster charging - reaching up to 80% in just 1 hour and a full charge in 1,5 hours. 

Multiple Charging Methods

Easily charge the Mango Power E using several different methods - including 

  • 3000W maximum generator charging
  • 2000W maximum solar charging
  • Or 3000W maximum grid charging

Seamlessly charge your Mango Power E at home, at any of the thousands of EV stations around the world, or go green by hooking it up to some solar panels for cleaner charging.

240V Split-Phase for Heavy-Duty Appliances

Using the mSocket Pro accessory, the Mango Power E device can become a high-powered split-phase generator that’s capable of delivering a 240V output. This allows you to easily run large, power-consuming appliances such as heaters, dryers, water pumps, and more.

Don't Let Power Outages Disrupt Your Life!

Secure your home with Mango Power E today and experience an uninterrupted power supply, no matter what!

Power Outages

We’ve gone over all the reasons why solar solutions from Mango Power are the better choice but now it’s time to act and get yours today!

Buy it now here!

Choose the Mango Power solar generator and enhance your outdoor experience with a reliable and efficient energy supply. 

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