Economical Mode

Back-Up Power Mode

Time-Based Control Mode

mBoost Mode (240V)

How to View Performance


The Mango Power App allows you to manage your Mango Power products from anywhere, anytime.

Monitoring Energy Consumption

On the Mango Power App’s Home Page, you can monitor the battery status of your Mango Power Union/ Power Home / Power Move in real-time and the Green Report section shows how the Mango Power Union is interacting with your home, the grid, and your solar power system.

Customizing Your Mango Power Union

Customizing Your Mango Power UnionThe Mango Power Union can be customized to meet your specific needs. By selecting different modes in the Customize section of your Mango Power App, you can change how your Mango Power Union is charged and discharged.

Modes When to Use
Back-Up Mode Prioritizes energy storage for the Mango Power Union battery in case of a power outage
Time-Based Mode Sets battery charging and use times according to peak/off-peak electricity hours to ensure you always enjoy lowest power costs and/or solar power
Economical Mode Prioritizes energy from green sources such as solar to guarantee a larger share of your energy consumption is environmentally conscious