Connecting with the App

Basic Setup and Control

Connect with Solar

Connect with the Grid

Connect With Your Home Essential Circuits for UPS Function


Safety Note:

1. Please make sure all the output ports are disconnected before separating the Power Move from the Power Ho me.
2. Please contact professional electricians for all connections related with home circuits.


The Mango Power Union consists of 2x main parts: the Power Home – the always-connected home battery and overall base and the detachable Power Move module. The Power Home and Power Move connect via the unique mUnion.
To connect the Power Home and Power Move, simply align both of their mUnion interfaces and place the Power Move on top of the Power Home.

To separate the Power Home and Power Move, make sure all appliances or devices are disconnected from the output ports and just pick the Power Move up by the handles hidden on either of its sides.

For home use, we recommend using the entire Mango Power Union (Power Home + Power Move) for full function. For outdoor use, you can just take the Power Move.

Here is the function of each part.

Mango Power Union Mango Home Mango Move
Backup for Home Essential Circuits Yes Yes No
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Yes Yes Yes
Battery Capacity 6.9 kWh 4.6 kWh 2.3 kWh
Output (AC+DC) Yes
Surge 6600W
No Yes
Surge 3300W
Solar Charging Yes, 3000W Yes, 1500W Yes, 1500W
Grid Charging Yes, 3300W Yes, 2000W Yes, 1100W
Home Connection ● Backup Mode
● Time-Based Control Mode
● Economical Mode
● Backup Mode
● Time-Based Control Mode
● Economical Mode
mBoost Mode* (240V) Yes No No
*The full mBoost feature requires an extra accessory, the mSocket. The home backup function only supports 1x circuit without the mPanel.