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Why Mango Power Union

The Mango Power Union is the world’s first integrated portable and home battery system designed to meet your power needs both inside and outside your home. The Mango Power Union can be used as a backup home power supply and as storage for the green energy your house generates, whether it’s from at-home solar, wind, or other renewable sources. The Union’s detachable module, the Power Move, is a grab-and-go battery that gives you more than enough energy for anything you want to do outdoors. The system’s advanced settings feature enables ful customization so you can tailor it to your needs, whatever they are.

Seamless Backup

The moment the grid goes down, the Mango Power Union’s stored energy starts power flowing through your home. Its built-in smart switch flips on automatically so there is no electrical disruption for your important appliances, and its 6.9 kWh battery capacity is designed to power essential circuits for up to 3 days emergency usage for a normal family. For a comprehensive list of appliances normally connected to your home’s essential circuits, click here.

Economical Self-Powered Home

The Mango Power Union’s Economical Mode prioritizes energy from green sources – solar, wind, or any other renewables – to guarantee a larger share of your energy consumption comes from environmentally conscious sources. In this mode, energy generated by your solar panels (whether roof solar system or portable solar panels) in the daytime is stored and can then be used at night to help minimize total energy costs and shrink your carbon footprint in daily life.

Time-Based Control

If your utility offers Time-of-Use rates, you can charge the Mango Power Union with off-peak electricity and consume it during peak hours, so you always enjoy the lowest possible power costs and save on your energy bill every month.

Power Supply for Off-grid Living

With the Mango Power Union’s detachable Power Move module, you can take power with you wherever you go. This 2.3 kWh/ 2 kW battery can be used to power your electric grill, portable refrigerator, fan, air mattress inflator, or any other outdoor appliances.

Monitoring and Remote Control

The Mango Power Union includes an app (more about the Mango Power App in Section 4) that allows total control from anywhere in the world. This technology is a complete energy monitoring solution for your home. You can see how much energy your home produces; how much you use at any given time; and its on-demand Green Report, lets you see how green that energy is and how you’ve reduced your carbon emissions.