Power in Paradise


Cabo Rojo, Puero Rico

System Allocation

1x M Hybrid Inverter, 4x M Battery

System Size


Installer’s Feedback

A recent installation of the Mango Power M was undertaken by a four-member team, all of whom it was there first Mango Power M installation , alongside setting up a 23-panel DC coupled PV system. The team divided their focus, with two members dedicated to the Mango Power M installation, while the others worked on the solar panel setup. The Mango Power M installation was completed in under three hours, showcasing efficiency. The PV system installation was finalized the following day, post which a comprehensive system testing was conducted. Currently, the system operates in an off-grid mode, pending the utility company's connection.

User Experience

The quality and swiftness of the installation notably reflect the high level of expertise and competence of the installers from Melpro, whose qualifications significantly contributed to the seamless and expedient installation process, demonstrating a commendable level of professionalism and skill.
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