Navigating Floods in 2023: Quick Guide to Protecting Your Home and Loved Ones

Extreme weather events like storms, floods, and hurricanes can cause extensive power outages lasting days or weeks. Blackouts occur as trees and utility poles collapse, breaking utility power lines. 

We witnessed frequent floods, hailstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe weather events in 2022. 

  • February- Texas hail storms 
  • March- Southern tornado outbreak
  • April- Southeastern tornado outbreak
  • May- North Central hail storms
  • June- Central derecho storm
  • July- Kentucky and Missouri flooding

Parts of Northern and Southern California, Nevada, and California Central Coast faced the fury of floods and storms between December 2022 and March 2023, disrupting life across the large area with no access to power. Incessant rains caused sudden power blackouts during floods in 2023. 


Most blackouts in US history, including those during the 2023 hurricane season, left people without power for extended periods. The devastating storms left over 150,000 homes and offices across the Eastern States without power for hours on August 8, 2023. Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Georgia residents were the most affected because of outages. 

Hurricanes, heat waves, severe weather, floods, and tornadoes are yearly phenomena. Hard-blowing winds, deluges, and hailstorms can disrupt utility lines, plunging communities into the darkness. It calls to prepare yourself for maintaining safety and power supply throughout June and November. Mango Power solar generators ensure uninterrupted power supply safeguarding your near ones. 

Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit

Weather events like tornadoes, hailstorms, and floods impact utilities such as electricity and water supply. Arranging an emergency supply kit and installing a power backup system like Mango Power E can help you survive a storm or flood with confidence. Preparing for the worst-case scenario guarantees safety during any extreme weather event. 

These are the top ten things to include in your emergency kit 

  1. Stock up water for drinking, cooking, and washing
  2. Non-perishable food
  3. Emergency lights such as flashlights and glow sticks
  4. Battery-operated radio
  5. Extra clothes
  6. First aid kit
  7. Power bank 
  8. Chargers
  9. Emergency cash
  10. Safety whistle

Start preparing the emergency kit for the 2023 hurricane season before the local stores run dry. A proactive collection of these items will help you avoid the mad rush when a hurricane or storm is about to hit the area. 

Create a Safety Plan with Your Family

Besides arranging an emergency kit for hurricane preparedness, having a safety plan to protect your family, important documents, and possessions is crucial. Create a disaster plan by educating your near ones and employees about things to do in the event of a hurricane or flood in 2023. 

Safeguarding important documents

List the most important documents like health records, certificates, bank passbooks, insurance policies, passports, property records, and other identification proofs, and store these in a waterproof bag. Take photographs of the documents to ensure access to the details in case of a worst-case scenario. 

Preparing your house structure

The doors and windows of the house should be strong enough to withstand high winds. Impact-resistant shutters and hurricane-proof doors are suitable if your property is in a hurricane-prone area. Remove trees that may be very close to the property to avoid possible loss, as the trees may fall on the property. Secure large glass window panes by taping an X to prevent them from falling inside the home during high winds. Check drain pipes to ensure there are no blockages. Regular removal of debris is helpful to keep the drains functional. 

Emergency Supplies Preparation

Arranging emergency supplies for the 2023 hurricane season must be the top priority. Fill the bathtub with water, as access to clean water is tough during floods. Avoid using tap water because of the likely contamination after a hurricane. Stocking up on water or investing in a water purifier is necessary to meet water requirements during floods. Non-perishable food for your near ones and pets can help you survive floods and tornadoes, as access to fresh meat and vegetable is out of the question. Keeping adequate stock of dried and ready-to-cook food and canned soups is necessary during extreme weather events.  

Consider Flood Insurance 

Standard homeowner's insurance policies provide no coverage against natural disasters. Check your insurance policies and ask your broker to add supplemental policies. Flood and natural disaster insurance coverage protects you from possible flood damages. Study the likely disturbances in your area before selecting the type of insurance policy. Make a video of all the property, including all items in the home. Take photographs of your property and vehicles before any possible damage, as these will help you during the insurance claim process. 

Invest in Home Backup Power System for emergency use

No one can deny the connection between global warming and extreme weather events like flooding, tornadoes, and hurricanes. We must adopt a reliable clean energy backup system like Mango Power E to meet emergency power needs during harsh weather. 

mango power e

Power outages are unpredictable and are most likely during floods and storms. Failure of utility company equipment breaking of power lines because of collapsing trees and poles demands access to emergency power for safeguarding life and property. 

Mango Power Solar Generators help homeowners meet the challenges of power outages to prepare them for the 2023 hurricane season. 

Forget the challenges of power outages by getting the Mango Power advantage for your home. The clean energy backup system powers up your devices and gadgets while illuminating the house, ensuring the safety of the near ones and property. Mango Power E is the perfect solution to access an uninterrupted power supply during challenging weather. 

Consider these unique features of Mango Power E:

Meets diverse energy requirements through easy customization- Get 3000W output to achieve 0.06kWh additional capacity by combining an extra battery with a single Mango Power E. Link two units of Mango Power E to get up to 6000W output and 0.14kWh additional capacity. 

mango power solar generator

  • Extended life CATL LFP battery cells- Mango Power incorporates industry-leading lithium-ion phosphate batteries by CATL for ultimate safety and reliability. The CATL LFP battery cells possess self-healing characteristics for higher charge-discharge-recharge cycles.
  • Superfast charging- The world's renowned CATL LFP batteries guarantee blazing-fast charging to reach over 80 percent capacity within sixty minutes. 
  • Multiple options for charging- Mango Power Solar Generators allow multiple charging options like EV station, solar, and grid charging. 

Achieve grid independence by integrating Mango Power into the home circuit to switch over to clean solar energy during unexpected blackouts. You can power critical devices like medical equipment with the Mango Power Solar Generators. Get the assurance of seamless connectivity by charging your laptops and smartphones to prepare for a flood in 2023

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