Mango Power products are featured in the 2024 SolarBuilder Buyer's Guide

We're excited to announce that Solar Builder Magazine has included the Mango Power M Energy Storage System and Mango Power E Portable Power Station in its prestigious 2024 Energy Storage Buyer’s Guide. This recognition underscores Mango Power's commitment to innovation and excellence in the renewable energy sector.

The annual Energy Storage Buyer’s Guide by Solar Builder is a comprehensive resource for consumers, businesses, and energy professionals, highlighting the most reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy storage solutions available in the market. The inclusion of Mango Power’s products in this guide is a testament to their exceptional quality, performance, and contribution to promoting a sustainable future.

The energy storage system market for homes and businesses is currently crowded with all types of suppliers now. Legacy PV inverter and module brands are rounding out their product portfolios. Off-grid and portable power providers are now offering battery systems for grid-tied customers. Smart home and high-end consumer electronic companies want to fold power and energy management into their offerings. Mango Power's engineers take into account the safety, portability, aesthetics, life cycle and scalability of energy storage systems to bring modern energy storage systems to consumers.

Mango Power M All-in-One Whole-home Backup energy system for any segment. It can function as a hybrid solar + storage PV inverter, battery inverter/charger, full ESS, load manager and microgrid controller
  • Capacity: 15kWh-80kWh
  • Output: 12kW (peak Power 24kW)- 120 kW
  • Solar Input: 18 kW; Inside Breaker: 200A
  • Battery Life Cycles: 6000
  • Efficiency: 97.5% (PV to grid) 94.0% (battery to grid)
Basics: Mango Power M includes 200A ATS, RSD Transmitter & AFCI, Auto Generator Start, 2x 200A breaker, and 2m 400A Battery connection cables; it supports whole-home backup without extra boxes. Standard Mango Power M capacity is 15 kWh and can be expanded up to 80 kWh. It provides power for your entire home with a built-in 12 kW hybrid inverter, and allows for stacking up to 120kW, meeting the entire home's energy needs. Mango Power M takes less than 4 hours to install.
The Mango Power M intelligently optimizes battery charging, balancing the voltage of each CATL battery pack. Mango Power M boasts certifications in CA rule21 UL1741 / IEEE1547 / UL1973 / UL1642 / UL9540 & UL9540A.
Is the battery integrated with the system or sourced separately? Yes, integrated.
Battery brands with BMS integration: LFP batteries provided by CATL
Warranty: 10 +5, a 10-year warranty with the option to purchase an extended 5-year warranty.

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Mango Power E a Portable Power Station used for home-back & outdoor scenarios 
  • Capacity: 3.5kWh-14kWh
  • Max Solar Charging: 2000W; Max AC Charging: 3000W
  • Extreme Adaptability: thrives in -20°C to 60°C (-4°F - 140°F)
  • AC output Power: 3kW-6kW
  • Quick Charging 100%: 1.5 hours
Basics: Mango Power E not only can be used for outdoor lifestyle, but also be used for home backup with mPanel Pro. Its storage capacity (3.5kWh/3kW) is one of the largest portable power station products in the market; by connecting two units with E batteries, it can be expanded up to 14kWh/6kW. Mango Power E can be full charged in 1.5 hours, via solar, grid, and/or a generator. With m-socket Pro, Mango Power E can deliver 240V output, capable of users running large power-consuming appliances such as heaters and dryers. Smart Touch Screen and Smart App enables users to monitor electronic input & output, and to turn on or off electronics remotely.
Battery brand: LFP battery provided by CATL
Warranty: A: 10-year warranty for battery cells

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