Mango Power M, Your Ultimate All-in-One Renewable Power Source

With an unreliable utility provider company and unpredictable weather, having a home battery backup system is more of a necessity than a luxury. The recent pandemic and lockdown restrictions underlined the need to stay connected through internet-enabled devices.

 mango power m

Professionals and employees realized the significance of a whole-home backup system with extended working periods from home. In the modern era, everyone depends on a reliable and uninterrupted power supply to charge and run mission-critical devices like smartphones, home appliances, pumping systems, and HVAC facilities. Constant electricity supply through the backup home battery is crucial at night to safeguard our property and dear ones.

An alternative energy supply like Mango Power M becomes a vital resource when power outages and grid failure events become commonplace.  Mango Power guarantees an efficient storage of clean and renewable solar energy to meet your emergency power needs. It keeps your family and staff warm and protected during unpleasant weather and helps you stay connected without burning a hole in the purse.

Key features of Mango Power M

 mango power m key feature

Safe and dependable power solution 

  • Trust Mango Power M battery backup power supply for home needsfor safe and durable performance as it incorporates the state-of-the-art LFP battery by CATL, ensuring safety from fire and explosion
  • Assures flawless power output with strong resilience of adaptability under challenging temperatures ranging between -20°C and 60°C 
  • The seamless performance of the Mango Power M home backup batterycomes with a ten years warranty.
  • Mango Power M backup home batteryfeatures Intelligent Load control and reinvents electricity distribution for unmatched control and efficient power output.  
  • The modular battery provides Mango Power Solar Generator with trendy and sleek looks that match your modern home decor.
  • Supports smooth installation and quick output with its Built-in RSD Transmitter & AFCI  

Blends flexibility with robust power

  • Mango Power M adapts smoothly to diverse scenarios from one smart power system with its home charger and generator input. 
  • It has a built-in hybrid inverter to work with renewable energy and grid power by providing a 24 kW peak. 
  • You can get a seamless battery backup home for as long as you require with Mango Power's massive battery capacity ranging from 12 to 120 kWh
  • Mango Power enables 9.6 kW EV station charging besides at-home charging for added convenience. 
  • It powers your entire home or office by stacking up to ten devices to generate a whopping 120 kW expanded output.
  • Experience the convenience of four different configuration modes with app-based controls to manage the Mango Power Solar generator at the click of a button on the go.

Super-easy Installation and cost efficiency

mango power m

  • Mango Power M has a smooth slider design that mitigates installation costs. The compact and all-in-one system of Mango Power comes with an EV charger, built-in inverter, and backup gateway. 
  • Incorporates AC coupling for the present solar system besides a DC coupling to support newer solar modules 
  • No need to buy or install an additional system as Mango Power M power backup for homehas a built-in ATS for the generator.
  • Mango Power promises exceptional compatibility with new and existing solar systems. 
  • No need to arrange an extra autotransformer as Mango Power packs 240 V split phase direct output
  • The whole-Home Backup Energy Systemof Mango Power provides two meters of 400A battery connection cables to avoid the purchase of additional cables.

The Benefits of Using the Mango Power M

Reliable energy storage solution

Mango Power Solar Generator harnesses clean and renewable solar energy to power your entire home and office regardless of whether the sun is shining or going down. It is a reliable battery backup for home power needs that stores solar energy to ensure a constant power supply to the home for stable and steady home power consumption.

Dependable power source during outages and blackouts

Reduce your dependence on grid power by sourcing consistent power from Mango Power Solar Generator to meet the challenges of outages and blackouts. Enjoy the bright light in your home despite the grid power failure by installing a Mango Power battery backup power supply for your home. 

Sell Electricity to the Grid

Mango Power E pays for itself as you can sell excess electricity back to the utility provider, in line with the existing regulations. The solar home battery backup system sends surplus energy to local utility providers for amazing returns on investment. 

Time-Based Peak Shaving

You need not face power outages if there is a reduction in power levels during peak periods, as Mango Power M ensures dependable power backup for the home. 

What's more, you can adjust the home backup feature to match shaving periods in your area. 

Synonymous with reliable quality 

Decade-long assurance of warranty

The very fact that it carries a 10-year warranty for the home battery backup system underlines the confidence of Mango Power Solar Generator makers in their product. The warranty promises peace of mind to our customers who stand to receive a replacement of the device in case of any issues. 

IP65 Rating for overall protection

Mango Power Solar Generator provides complete protection against the challenges of dust and water exposure during installation and beyond

Reliability of Safety with Certifications UL9540A & UL9540

The CA rule21 UL1741 / IEEE1547 / UL1973 / UL1642 / UL9540 & UL9540A certifications provide assurance of safe, reliable, and hassle-free performance 

Certifications by industry-leading companies

Mango Power M home battery backup system boasts of being Intertek-certified for seamless quality and safety. 

mango power m

Ensure uninterrupted home power supply by harnessing renewable energy by purchasing Mango Power Solar Generator today and enjoy the extensive benefits for years to come.  

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