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Power outages have become an unfortunate reality, with some blackouts lasting longer than just a few hours. While the majority of people may experience the inconvenience of being temporarily disconnected from the world when their phones run flat, prolonged power outages have the potential to affect productivity in your home office, prevent you from preparing meals, and disarm the home security system leaving you vulnerable to more than just darkness. In these situations, it’s hard to depend on a backup power source with a small battery, or one that needs constant refueling. A solar or battery-powered generator is an innovative way to keep your home connected.

Why It’s Important to Have an Emergency Power Supply

Whether the blackout is a result of natural forces like the weather, or human error like grid failure, power outages have the potential to affect the tasks in our daily lives. Having an emergency backup system can save you from the feeling of being trapped in the dark ages and helps to keep essential appliances running. 

Protection of Essential Appliances and Devices

  • Food may begin to spoil, and the quality of some medications may be affected if the refrigerator stops running for an extended period.
  • Alarms, security cameras, and panic buttons will be disarmed - leaving the home vulnerable to intruders.
  • Water pumps and sewage systems could be rendered ineffective and affect sanitation within the home.
  • During periods of bad weather and natural disasters, communication is crucial to ensure safety and devices need to stay charged.
  • The quality of comfort within the home shouldn’t be compromised by a power outage, and you should still be able to warm or cool the house or purify the air. 

Uninterrupted Work from Home Flexibility 

Running a business from home and working remotely are some of the many benefits of the digital age. However, not having access to a power source can affect the productivity of your business. Having a reliable power source will ensure that the show goes on regardless of external forces like blackouts. 

Mango Power E: The Ultimate Home Battery Backup Solution

Keep more than just the lights on with the portable Mango Power E that supports an impressive 2000Wh solar input to deliver 3000W of power output when you need it most. The dual 200W Mango Solar Panels harness the renewable energy of the sun to give you 3.5kWh of capacity. The solar generator makes use of ultra-durable CATL LFP battery cells ideal for home backup solutions, power outages, emergencies, or a variety of other off-grid purposes. 

Key Features of the Mango Power E

mango power key features

Easily Customizable for Different Uses

Expand the capacity of your power supply from 3.5 to 7.06 kWh by adding a Mango Power Battery, or two batteries to boost the power up to 14 kWh. This gives you the ability to keep more appliances around the house connected.

240V Split-Phase for Heavy-Duty Appliances

The mSocket Pro accessory transforms the Mango Power E into a high-powered split-phase generator with a 240V output. This gives you the power to run large, power-consuming appliances like heaters, dryers, fridges, stoves, and water pumps.

Ultra Durable for Prolonged Usage

The Mango Power E uses CATL lithium-ion phosphate batteries that are more reliable and safer to use than other batteries. The CATL LFP batteries have self-healing properties that ensure product durability even after prolonged charging, to extend the overall performance.

Rapid Recharge

Rest assured that you’ll be ready to power up when the lights go off, thanks to the fast charging abilities of the ultra-durable CATL LFP batteries. The battery reaches 80% capacity after 1 hour of charging, and it can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. 

Multiple Charging Options

Easily and conveniently recharge the Mango Power E by plugging it in at home, at an EV charging station, or go green by plugging it into a solar panel. Ensure that your charging source doesn’t exceed the maximum output recommended in this guideline: 

  • 3000W with a generator
  • 2000W at an EV station charging
  • 2000W using solar charging

The Advantages of Using a Mango Power E Home Battery Backup

There are a few alternatives when it comes to keeping your home powered during a blackout or power outage but the Mango Power E provides one of the best home backup solutions.

An Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective Solution 

Opting to power the house with a solar energy source can help to lower the utility bill in the long run, and save you from the rising cost of fuel compared to a traditional generator. It’s also the environmentally sound option providing 0.79kg of carbon emission reduction.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Connect to the Mango Power app to quickly and conveniently access your backup power source and control it from virtually anywhere.

Complete Peace of Mind During Power Outages

An effective backup solution can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and an uncomfortable few hours at home. In the unfortunate event of a prolonged power outage, the Mango Power E Solar Generator can give you more than one reason to smile. Learn more about our sustainable power solutions and explore the entire Mango Power range on our website
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