Join Mango Power at the 4th Annual Greater Frisco Home & Garden Show

Home improvement and design are concepts governed by creativity, innovation, and unlimited ambition. People who take pride in their projects and want to learn more about how to enhance and elevate the world they choose to surround themselves with can all find common ground at home and garden shows. These are magical places for exhibitions and demonstrations by experts in the industry that give you practical advice and guide you toward the latest trends and technologies. 


 These shows are educational and fun for homeowners, garden enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to learn more about home improvement, design, and outdoor living. They also act as a wonderful way to network and join a community of like-minded professionals, vendors, and ordinary people. Now it’s your turn to experience this amazing event for yourself in Frisco, Texas at the Greater Frisco Home & Garden Show.

The 4th Annual Greater Frisco Home & Garden Show

Show Technology is a San Antonia-based company with more than 30 years of experience in producing successful home and garden shows in the US. Providing quality exhibits and industry-leading product displays that will ensure your home improvement project and outdoor living needs are met. 

This year from March 17th to March 19th, the 4th annual Greater Frisco Home & Garden Show will be held at Ford Center at The Star indoor stadium in Frisco, Texas. The spectacle promises to have everything you need for home and garden improvements under one roof. The theme of the show is home improvement, outdoor living, and shopping.   

Get a glimpse of the newest technology and products on the market from specialized exhibits. Home improvement features include expert advice and product displays from builders, remodelers, and contractors that focus on building supplies, and home tech. Enjoy the best ideas in interior design, flooring, bathrooms, kitchen projects, and so much more.

Find more comfort in the outdoors? That’s perfect too because the Frisco Home & Garden Show has everything you need to build, design, and create the outdoor living area of your dreams. From gardening and landscaping engineering to patios, pools, and products that make outdoor living a breeze. 

Bring your friends and family to experience this social and commerce event to learn more about the home improvement and landscaping industry and find the products that suit your needs. The best part is that admission is completely free all weekend – so make a whole trip out of it and enjoy wholesome, educational, and empowering fun in Frisco for everyone. Visit the Greater Frisco Home & Garden Show website for more details.

The Mango Power Team Will Be There!

If there’s an event focused on improving lives and promoting innovative technology, Mango Power strives to be involved and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be at the Greater Frisco Home & Garden Show to display the impressive Mango Power product range. As a brand dedicated to sustainable home and outdoor power supply solutions, it’s our duty to be seen in places where innovative thinking and remarkable community bonds are being made. 

mango power family

The Mango Power brand boasts an array of powerful solar generators, portable power devices, and accessories that help every family and household realize carbon-free energy. The Mango Power range is ideal for the theme of home improvement and outdoor living that the Greater Frisco Home & Garden Show highlights. 

How Mango Power Can Help With Your Home Improvement Project

Home improvement projects require a level of expertise and understanding – renovating your surroundings is no easy feat and ensuring that you use the best tools and products to enhance your living space is of paramount importance. This is why Mango Power is putting its exceptional product range on display at the Frisco Home & Garden Show to showcase how our products will make your home improvement so much easier. We’ve created a list of the ways the Mango Power solutions will improve your home improvements:

No More Blackouts

Say goodbye to power outages ruining your schedule and introduce the Mango Power E solar generator into your home’s design. The device packs a powerful punch with its 3.5kWh capacity that provides enough energy to keep your home running. Expanding seamlessly when connected to another Mango Power E device to a 240V split-phase output for heavy-duty appliances. 

mango power e solar geneator

Sleek and Modern Design

The Mango Power devices all have a sleek and aesthetic design that makes them the perfect addition to your new living space. The portable nature of the device with an ergonomic handle and rolling wheels also ensures that you can take your power supply anywhere you need it to be. The products also operate quietly and are extremely easy to use – allowing your home to be relaxed and calming.

Environmentally Friendly 

The Mango Power E generator features a 2000W solar charging input to make sure your energy is clean and your power stays running for longer. Each full recharge of the device means a 0.79 kg reduction in carbon emissions. Investing in the Mango Power E ensures that your carbon footprint is dramatically cut down and helps to keep our planet clean. 

The Mango Power Union is also a great way to integrate solar energy into your home. With 2 built-in PV inverters that support twice as much MPPT input (12V-250V), the Mango Power Union allows you to connect both roof solar systems and portable solar panels to maximize value while remaining sustainable. 

Smart Control

Mango Power products are all designed to be remotely controlled through the Mango Power app. This ensures that your home’s power supply is easily managed and monitored from the palm of your hand wherever you are.

Cost Efficiency 

A common misconception is that backup generators are too expensive for most homeowners, but what people don’t know is that solar generators dramatically reduce the costs of living. Your energy bills are cut down through the use of solar energy that will pay for itself within a short period. The Mango Power solar generators offer a lifelong investment that will show you immediate results while taking it easy on your wallet. 

Mango Power Brings Convenience and Smart Technology to Outdoor Living 

Apart from indoor expansion, the Home & Garden Show will be hosting an array of outdoor landscaping and gardening enthusiasts who will love the Mango Power E. The device effortlessly meets 99% of your portable power needs while the multiple ports keep all your tools and devices running smoothly. Powerful ultra-durable LFP battery cells are long-lasting and ensure fast charging capabilities to keep up with your busy schedule – all while being steadily reliable.

The 3000W output capacity makes it the ideal companion for outdoor escapades and improvements. Its portable design makes it easy to move around as your project demands. Ensure maximum convenience with a device that boasts multiple charging methods – solar charging,  grid charging, and EV station charging.

The Mango Power product range is designed with your ease in mind. Ideal for camping, RV trips, or just the occasional outdoor event, but also perfect for your outdoor living improvements and renovating. Mango Power puts elegance and ease back into landscaping and outdoor projects while saving you money and bringing your design dreams to life.

Reach Out and See You There!

From the Mango Power E and Mango Power Union to the impressive Mango Power M and an entire host of accessories, we strive to be a brand that will upgrade and enhance your home improvements and outdoor living projects in every way. 

mango power union

That is why we are so excited to meet you face-to-face at the 4th annual Frisco Home & Garden Show in Texas. Feel free to come up to our booth and take a look at the incredible experience that awaits you when choosing Mango Power for your sustainable energy needs. 

Mango Power Booth Number 720

From March 17th to March 19th 

At the Ford Center at The Star, One Cowboys Way, Frisco, TX 75034

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