Check out Techradar Review on our Mango Power E!

Jack Laurent, electronics reviewer of Techradar is highly satisfied with our portable power station: ‘Mango Power brings best-in-class battery technology, ease of use, and versatility to its new E model.’
TechRadar spends hours testing every product or service they review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best.

Mango Power E supports an additional battery pack. With an astounding 3kW AC output and 3.53kWh battery storage, the base unit is user-upgradable to 14kWh to guard against extended blackout periods. It comes with a 30A RV socket, super-fast charging, and provides user data through a color display.

Our Mango Power E incorporates a retractable handle and two back wheels. Four 20A AC sockets take full advantage of the 3kW inverter. It integrates the best in battery technology with the use of LFP cells made by CATL. Finally, it is a connected station thanks to integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a mobile app.
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