Terms & Conditions for Mango Power Reserve Super Early Bird Package Ca

1. Event Organizer
This event is initiated by Mango Future Technology Inc. For any questions or concerns related to this promotion event, you can send email to: service@mangopower.com. The purpose of this campiagn is to increase the visibility of the organizer's products and improve its sales.
2. Campaign Area

This promotion is only valid in the United States and on the Mango Power Official Store: www.mangopower.com.

3. Event participants

This event is open to all users in United States Aged above 18. Paticiptants is subject to the acceptance of Website Privacy Policy.

To participate in this campaign, participants must provide the following information: name, mobile number and delivery address and email.

4. Reserve Super Early Bird Package

1) Activity will be valid from 10:00 20th June 2021 till 30th June 2021.
2) To join the campaign, participants need to (1) purchase the super early bird package from www.mangopower.com. (2) purchase the Mango Power   Union in Indiegogo platform (www.indiegogo.com ) in August.

3) If the participants didn’t finish the whole process, the reserve payment can not be refunded.

4) The Super Early Bird Package includes:
        • Mango Power T-shirt ($39.99 USD)
        • One tree plant in one of the US nation park
        • Thank You Card
    5) Mango Future Technology Inc collaborate with NGO One Tree Planet (https://onetreeplanted.org ) for the tree planting. All the tree planting fund will be donate by Mango Future Technology Inc on behalf of participant.
    6) After the tree planting finished, Mango Power will publish a report together with One Tree Planet for this campaign.
    7) The Thank You Card will be send to consumer in June and July 2021. The Mango Power T-Shirt will be sent to consumer in Sep and Oct 2021. Participants need to provide necessary delivery information, like name, contact phone number, delivery address and email address for the delivery. The delivery fee will be covered by Mango Power team.
    5. Other Considerations
    Participants should abide by the terms and conditions of this Website and participation in the event means acceptance of all terms and conditions by Participant. Mango Future Technology Inc. reserves the right to review and cancel orders in case of any suspicious or fraudulent activity.

    Campaign Organizer will promote the event through the web and any other means it deems appropriate.
    1) Organizers, co-organizers, agents, promotion partners, advertising companies, distributors and other organizations that promote this campaign cannot participate in this event.
    2) None of these package items are transferable or can be exchanged for money.
    3) By participating in this campaign, you agree on all of our terms and conditions, privacy policy and cookies policy.
    4) Mango Future Technology Inc. have the right to change or update our terms and conditions at anytime.