Back-Up Power Mode

Back-Up Power Mode reserves a certain level of energy for your Mango Power Union (the default is 85% full battery, but this can be adjusted in the Mango Power App) to ensure it can provide seamless power to your home’s essential circuits in the event of an outage. The Mango Power Union will charge from your grid or solar power system and only discharge during a grid outage.
Note: When you have enough solar energy to offset all consumption and your Mango Power Union is fully charged, the excess energy will NOT be exported to the grid.

Step 1: Connect the Mango Power Union with your solar system or grid using the methods described in the Installation section.

Step 2: Open the Mango Power App and choose your Mango Power Union on the Home Page.

Step 3: Scroll down the screen and click “Customize” at the bottom.

Step 4: Choose the Back-Up Mode and the system will switch to this mode. You can also change the power reserve threshold for your battery. We recommend setting it to 80% or above in this mode.