Connect With Your Home Essential Circuits for UPS Function

To make full use of the home essential circuits backup feature, we recommend using the mPanel accessory which supports up to 4x circuits with 4000W/40A total capability for a single mPanel.
Connect the Mango Power Union with the grid (using the included AC Input Cable) and the mPanel (via the Home Backup Outport port) on the back side of the device.
Connect the mPanel with your home’s essential circuits. Flip the Main Breaker and Home Backup Breaker on the back side of the device. The backup power supply and UPS function will start working.
In the event of a power outage, the appliances on the connected circuits will automatically and seamlessly switch their power supply to the Mango Power Union.
Please note, 1x Mango Power Union with 1x mPanel can support 4x circuits with a maximum 4000W/40A capability. Choose which home essential circuits to connect given this information.
If you don’t have the mPanel, you can still connect the Mango Power Union / Power Move with 1x home circuit. Connect the Mango Power Union / Power Move with the grid and connect your essential circuits or devices to the output ports on top of the Power Move. The UPS function still works via this connection method.
See the figure below for reference for different connection methods: