How to Back Up Your Home with the Mango Power Union

What Does Mango Power Union Backup?

The number of Mango Power Unions operating in parallel determines how much of your home is backed up, and for how long.
Backing Up Your Whole Home: When you back up your whole home, the Mango Power Union system will be able to support every appliance in your home during a power outage. For whole home backup, we recommend connecting at least 3x Unions in parallel.
Backing Up Part of Your Home: With partial home backup, the Mango Power Union system only connects with some of your home’s essential circuits. Using the mPanel accessory, you can connect up to 4x circuits with a total capacity of 4000W for each connected Union. When the grid goes down, those circuits will switch seamlessly and automatically to your Mango Power Union so your power supply is never interrupted.
The number of Mango Power Unions purchased determines whether whole home backup or partial home backup is enabled. Please check the table below to determine which solution is right for your home:

How to Connect with Home Essential Circuits

To connect the Mango Power Union with your home’s essential circuits, you need to
purchase an additional accessory, the mPanel. Once you have one, follow these steps to connect:

*Note:Please contact a professional electrician for installation support.

Step 1:Contact a licensed electrician for home circuits’ connection.

Step 2:Check your home circuits and decide which you need to backup (1x mPanel + 1x Mango Power Union can support up to 4x circuits).

Step 3:Connect your Mango Power Union with the mPanel accessory.

Step 4:Connect the mPanel with your home circuits.

Step 5:Connect the mPanel with your home grid.

Step 6:Turn on the Mango Power Union.